Raspberry Pi and a Powerbank with Pass Through charging for solar powered projects

in #solar6 years ago (edited)

here is my contribution for solar powered RPI projects.

using a raspberry Pi for small projects that are solar powered you can use a powerbank with pass through charging for powering the RPI.

the power path can be
solarpanel --> powerbank --> RPI 1/2 /3 + wlan stick

voltage 5V / current 2A / power output 20W, monocrystaline Modules
for example SunPower Modules with USB connector
voltage 5V / current 2A / capacity 20Ah


  • ups function for RPI
  • the RPI works 24 hours a day powered by the powerbank
  • the solarpanel delivers power that can be saved in the powerbank

possible solarpanel
RAVpower 24W Solar Charger
solar charger

possible powerbank
RAVpower 22Ah Powerbank

with a usb multimeter you can measure the power output of the solarpanel
USB multimeter
USB multimeter

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