Why i chose Solar edge over the competition

in solar •  9 months ago

Voltages :

I spent about 3 years spending about 3 hours per night watching you tube videos and reading things about solar panels, efficiencies racking etc. After the first year i knew that i would need somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 kw of solar to power my home . (I found it is over what i use as of now )  I knew that i would put the solar panels somewhere on my shop being my house was facing a ok direction but was shaded a whole lot more costing me sun hours. So this would add in more wiring. With solar edge the voltage can be upwards around 350+ vdc  this was a plus to me . More volts meant two things . I could use smaller wire (i used over sized wire for even less voltage drop) and the voltage drop would be smaller with this same wire over lower voltage . 

Individual panel monitoring :

With solar edge you have what is called Optomizers  . These allow you to monitor the panels 1 by one instead of just seeing an array of power at the inverter. Say one panel is doing a lot lower than the rest of the panels . You can walk outside clean off that particular panel. Imagine leaving a tarp on the shop on a windy day it snagging on them and covering it . With the app if you checked . You would be able to see it if you hadn't been outside by the shop that day. 

Safe dc voltage:

As with anything solar you have to think about safety. I chose solar edge because when the power goes off the solar edge system limits the output of the panels to a whopping 24 volts making them safe for you to work on or in the instance of a fire . They would not have to worry about shocking themselves. Remember this is 5 kws were talking about plenty enough  to cause harm traditional panels have no way to limit this . They just pump leaving the side from the inverter unsafe . 

So this is some pointers if you decide you want to go solar to think about . Each situation will be different a site you can use to start is pvwatts . I found this site to be useful. It is not exact . So if you decide to go solar as i always say give it some though and research . Your wallet will thank you in the long run for your time think about it .

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