solar charging in action.

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Solar charging that battery!

Until I get my full out super solar charging system in full gear I am still struggling with making sure that my batteries are going to be able to support not only the show but also power requirements of my phone.

Definitely excited to have more power and it's only a few more days until hopefully I will get my batteries and then really be able to start making some progress on the solar project.


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It is definitely slow going with only 13 watts of power but when I upgrade that to a 305 watt panel this is going to be amazing.

And then on top of it I'm also starting plans on a smaller system with a couple of small panels chained together. Let alone a another system four lights and make sure that I have rechargeable batteries on a LED light strip.

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On the road of solar charging !

Nice one.. i have been wanting to buy a solar charger buy am not sure what one to use. 13 watt charger has got to be a pretty nice set up

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It is nice but not as much as I really wanted. And it's a big step up from my 7 watt one. However wish I had both and chained them. But on my way to getting things set up. Just a matter of time now!

And my goalzero nomad 13 is the one I'm using now

i think these foldable ones are good for charging cell phones or tablets but that is about it but have seen foldable ones with as much as 120 watts

Yeah it's about too little for my tablet for sure. My phone it's nice but excited for the big panel of course. That and finally videogames