@solarcoach is using our Steem Power to produce renewable solar energy.

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Every days, @solarcoach replies to 5 posts to produce solar energy.

How does it work ?

  • @solarcoach is selecting 5 posts from different Steemians
  • @chrisaiki and other Steemians upvote @solarcoach comments
  • Each reply has at least the value of 11 cts, the price of 1 kWh in Florida.
  • @solarcoach will invest each month the amount of Steem and SBD he has earn on Steemit in solar energy plant.

The money will be invest with one of the @solarcoach partners :

  • Sun exchange builds collective solar roofs in South Africa.
  • Energie partagée finances renewable energy collective projects in France.
  • D-light provides African village with solar torch and off-grid system.

You can produce more solar energy with one of these 5 easy solutions:

We need more solar energy !
@solarcoach roadmap 2018 - 2028

Thank you.

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Solar energy has nothing to do with the post you're replying to.

You are promoting something that is completely unrelated.

Whether it's a charity solar energy project or a for profit activity, I see it as spam and will flag it when I see it.


Take it easy please.

@chrisaiki you should check SolarCoin crypto, it might interest you :-)


Yes, @cknr7 Solarcoin is a wonderful crypto to reward people who have invest in solar energy. @solarcoach is looking for money to install new solar capacity. then we will ask for Solarcoin.

Are you only selecting 5 new posts or posts within 7 days?


@solarcoach will post 5 comments per day on 5 different posts (1 comment/post)