Building a solar generator.

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You will need to start out with a case. I like marine battery boxes if only planing on using one battery. You will also need a power inverter. I always try to get the nicest "pure" sine wave I can afford or to fit my needs. The modified sine wave is cheaper, but sensitive electronics do not like them. You will image.jpgIMG_5086.JPGIMG_5085.JPGalso need your solar panels and charging kit. Last one I did I used 100 watt folding panel that already had the charger on it. The battery is really the biggest part. I chose 100am AGM battery because they are know for being able to take abuse of charging and recharging. Everyone has an opinion. That's basically it. This system should run lights for many days. Once you start plugging bigger devices in it wil drain. I ran my television cable box and bose surround sound for 6 hours and stilll had a little charge left on the battery.

Items I used
100ah Amy battery $160 eBay
Renogy 100 watt panel with charging controller $130 eBay
Maine battery by Newport vessel $60 on Amazon it cost more than the $12 boxes you get but you get a battery meter,outside post, USB port and a cigarette style port so it is worth the extra $ for me.
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Cool setup. I keep saying i'm going to build something similar one of these days.


You can do them a little cheaper, but I loved that box so much