Facebook orders U.S. remake of cult teen hit 'Skam'

in software •  2 years ago 

Watch out, Netflix: Facebook may soon be home to the web's buzziest scripted show.

Facebook reported today it will stream an English-dialect adjustment of the Norwegian high schooler hit "Skam" on its youngster unique substance video benefit, called Watch.

"Skam," which means "disgrace" in English, appeared in 2015 on Norwegian supporter NRK to huge evaluations. Every week, the show is first circulated online at different circumstances in blasts enduring from 15 minutes to as long as 60 minutes. It's then repackaged to air on TV. Skam's grasping stories rotating around unruly youngsters in Norway helped it pull in a worldwide after.

Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment is delivering the redo. "Skam's" unique maker Julie Andem will likewise fill in as the showrunner.

Facebook has been having some fantastic luck of late, supporting its Watch library of unscripted shows from prominent makers including National Geographic, Time Inc., and HGTV-proprietor Scripps Networks, among a few others. It likewise inked an arrangement with the NFL to indicate amusement features on the web-based social networking system. It circulated a Major League Baseball game seven days this past season, as well.

Be that as it may, as prove with "Skam," Facebook is further moving into Netflix, Amazon and Hulu's region of spilling scripted shows. Facebook said yesterday that it has requested a show arrangement from on-screen character Kerry Washington and is resuscitating MTV drama "Freely Exactly Nicole."

Facebook is apparently burning through $1 billion on unique substance in 2018. That could not hope to compare to Netflix's $8 billion duty and Amazon's $4.5 billion that the organizations intend to spend one year from now.

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