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Recently, I switched from Ubuntu to Debian 9 (stretch) xfce. It is a great distribution. But i had a small problem which i didn't have in ubuntu, That is auto login.

Note: Auto login is not recommended for security reasons, but i am enabling it for the sake of my convenience.

So, I did a bit search and found out that xfce uses LightDM as login manager. So, i headed up to debian wiki LightDM page. Debian wiki is a great place, Well documented steps are available!

I fired up the nano editor (you can use any text editor with root privileges) sudo nano /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/01_debian.conf

added these lines below


Save & exit. Now autologin is enabled !


Good job finally u did it welcome to debian @kskarthik i am on same board past one month its right time to aware that debian has more security than ubuntu some times we got mad fired on debian for this type of security feature.Happy steeming.

జై జై డెబియన్ 🤸

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