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At the touch of a button, a cloud-based app converts Youtube videos into traffic-generating articles.

At the touch of a button, proprietary AI transforms YouTube videos into traffic-generating articles!

We've been getting free Google traffic on autopilot for almost 2 years by converting other people's YouTube videos into articles...

Your One-Stop Shop For Creating Any Type Of Content You'll Ever Need

01.It's a web-based app, therefore there's no need to download anything.

02.At the touch of a button, convert any YouTube video into a fully complete article/blog post.

03.Use our advanced filter settings to find the greatest videos in any niche that have already gone viral.

04.Add Adsense, banner advertisements, or affiliate links to easily monetise the traffic that comes in.

05.Blogify's articles are SEO optimized, allowing them to quickly rise to the top of Google.

06.Blogify makes the content available on a user-friendly, simple-to-use website that makes the visitor feel at ease.

07.Look for videos that are licensed under the Creative Commons license to prevent any potential copyright issues on YouTube.

08.FREE Domain and Lightning-Quick Hosting

09.Make the articles your own by editing the text, changing the colors, adding photographs, and so on.

10.Includes a free commercial license.

11.Text spinner integration is compatible with Blogify, ensuring that you always have original material.

12.You can instantly improve the quality of your material by accessing millions of royalty-free videos and photos.

13.Use our social media sharing feature to increase traffic and rankings.

14.A series of in-depth training movies demonstrates all of the software's features and functions.

15.Create an unlimited number of websites within Blogify (with a free domain and hosting).

If you require assistance, our support team is available to help you with any problem you may be experiencing.


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