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RE: What is property? Is it defined by consensus?

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Sounds to me like witnesses intentionally damaged the property belonging to steemit inc without permission. Isnt destruction of private property illigal, would that make all the witnesses who pushed this softfork criminally liable for damages?


Nothing was damaged in any way. This is a temporary change in the code so that we can discuss next steps. Token holders can still vote right now to put other witnesses in place who do not support 22.2.

Think of it this way: If there was a threat against the Steem blockchain, would you expect witnesses to take action to protect it? Do you consider posts like this a threat to your STEEM property? This is a discussion we have to have to get clarity on what Tron's intentions are.

I dont consider it a threat I consider it an upgrade at this point. To me a threat to steem blockchain is biting the hand that decided to feed you.

To me Steem chain has been a very bad dog.

Even though the last two owners decided it was in their best interest to adandon you and make a quick buck adopting you out to a new owner because you're just too expensive for them to look after.

You're new owner, even though they have other pets to look after and feed, decided to give you new toys to play with cleaned up the disgusting ads stuck to your fur and offered to keep you fed out of the kindness of their hearts and a belief that your more than the sum of your parts, a belief that the previous owners were wrong and just didnt see how special you were and you only needed a little extra attention and love to be the star of the show. Instead you disregard all of these nice things. Deficate all over the floor, bark nonstop,make a huge mess and expect to be treated with respect.

I wont be suprised when steem gets neutered.
After steem does get fixed it will listen to its owner, eat well, be fun to play with and take best in show alongside its brother Tron.

Yall forked up big time.

Are you also ?

Describing a whole community as a dog may not be the best way to start a relationship.

This was a temporary code change to give the community time to better understand the intentions of the Tron Foundation and then adjust accordingly. If you have stake in Tron, then it's understandable you see STEEM moving to Tron an upgrade. For those who decided to be involved in Steem (and not Tron), they don't want that decision made for them without first having a discussion about it.

As to how this community has been treated by the previous owners, I do agree with much of your analogy. That's exactly why the community asked witnesses to take action from further mistreatment.

I certainly am sweatybets. I had a problem with the over centralization of steem long before becoming a tron supporter. In fact it caused me a great deal of depression pouring my heart into posts only to receive a few cents worth of steem while selfish and out to lunch whales sucked up all the steem power and self voted themselves to royalty with complete indifference to the quality of their writing and never using their sp to support new users or good content.
I called it a dog because to me its a real bitch. Why? could be an awesome project but due to lack of discipline and leadership it became a total mess with an attitude problem. I love steem. I love the idea behind it. What I dont love is to see it abandoned and perpetually missused. Which it basically was.

I see steem as a show dog and Justin Sun as the trainer who can instill discipline, can afford to provide all the nutrients to build up its strength and speed, is actively participating in your growth and well being and for all intents and purposes a trainer who can lead a show dog to center stage so the whole world can see how great it is.

I'm familiar with law and seeing this softfork in place even temporarily made me extremely worried about how this will all play out. It proves the witnesses are centralized which to me is a great incentive to do said swap as for the fact that owning steemit and being blocked from having a say on steem will prove pretty useless long term against an organization who can afford to drown each public witness in years of court fee's and litigation.
One thing I do know is Justin wont abandoned steemit, he wants all projects in this space to succeed as he's in this space to be the Warren Buffett of blockchain. Crossing him is a huge mistake.

I really don't understand your only negative take on this. Why was Justin crossed? We simply want a conversation with him to clarify how the stake will be used and come to an agreement with the community about that. This is a temporary, not something that will remain in place or involve court battles or any such thing as you describe. This was not an attack on Tron or Justin at all and if you read the many posts about this, you should understand that.

it caused me a great deal of depression pouring my heart into posts only to receive a few cents worth of steem

Maybe you didn't understand what Steem is all about? Just posting here doesn't mean you'll make money. Maybe this post from two years ago and the three posts it's references will help: #SteemitIsToMe: Relationships, Reputation, and Rewards

I'm confused why you would say "witnesses are centralized" when Justin's own actions in the media lately point to far more centralization. This decision for a soft fork was made with input from many different people, not a centralized company or foundation.

I look forward to hearing Justin's vision for Steemit and how that will impact the Steem blockchain which is not something he owns or controls.

I wasnt trying to make money. I was trying to make friends. Its never been about money. But to gain any sort of reputation and have any opportunity to have your voice heard ,money was how it was done here. Look at berniesanders or haejin and tell me its about those things you're saying and not about being wealthy and building a bot trail.

Thing is I dont know the SRs so centralization from them is far more worrisome than from a foundation controlled by Justin Sun who's a multimillionaire entrepreneur that has far to much to lose to do anything that would jeopardize his projects, the foundations use of zion votes was to protect the network.
Im angry and negative probably because I believe Justin has the most presence and the best long term plan for blockchain technology out of everyone who exists in this space. He has the money, he has the developers and I know he believes in all the fundamental principles that make dlt the future of finance and equality.
The witnesses arent the ones who own steemit inc or its supply of steem and should not touch their property even as a temporary measure, especially unprovoked, its not right. So I guess im not mad about the obvious centralization issue this was.
Im a hardcore Justin Sun fan and am mad at how people treat him when he works so hard and puts so much money and effort into making this space actually useful for the average person.

Its like who are you to get in the way or make that more difficult. Im sorry for being this way, I regret being too harsh you're trying to do whats best I suppose, but you just all happen to be on the wrong side of history in this case. These are my opinions and i'll gladly stick by them.

Tron community made me feel included steems did not. Justin stuck through the hard stuff and makes big things happen, Dan and Ned did not. As an investor and a user Im not interested in hearing about what steem is about anymore, not without my tron community being given the respect it deserves. So yeah now its about the money, but not from posting my opinions, but from tron dominating the world of crypto over the next ten years with the resources and connections to real legitimate organizations that actually have the capital to make our little communities into global communities.

Thank you for stating your views and being up front about your biases (we all have them!). I agree, Dan and Ned left. Steemit ninja-mined stake that has always been a threat to this ecosystem. I respect Justin's accomplishments, and I do hope he is successful at increasing human wellbeing on the planet.

One point though:

Its like who are you to get in the way or make that more difficult.

We (the witnesses) are the elected defenders of the Steem protocol. We are doing our job to protect it. Thankfully, Justin responded very respectfully in his open letter and communication towards a shared agreement will begin. All good.

Thanks luke. Im sorry