Soft cap is reached!

in softcap •  6 months ago

Following a 6 million dollars’ investment by a OTCEED, we are proud to announce that Freldo has reached Token Sale SoftCap.

Freldo Team is happy to announce that we have successfully reached our soft cap goal of $ 5 000 000!
This great news means that Freldo project is moving forward to reach new goals!
We’re very excited about this event and grateful for support for everyone who believes in us and contribute to the further development of our platform! Thanks to the private sale and strategic partnership with OTCEED who invest the significant amount in the development of Freldo project we achieved our goal!
With soft cap reached we already have enough capital to start our marketing campaign and working on the implementation of blockchain to our working social network. We start scheduling further development and preparing the next milestones according to our roadmap right now!
Thank you all for all contributors who support us and spread the word about Freldo!
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