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Leaving aside the critiques and going to the ambience in which the human relations move, we notice that cannot escape to an interdisciplinary approach, even if one manages to establish a synthesis of a body of knowledge, they will keep on being nourished of several sciences, essential importance has the individual psychology, in the laying and satisfaction in the work, the incentives, the motivation, individual differentiates them. The contribution of the social psychology also is important, since he analyzes the behavior of the group, she structures of base, as well as the motivations and attitudes of his members, also this science has done important contributions in the field of the language and the social communication, on the other hand the sociology and the anthropology have contributed in such fields as the dynamics of groups and you influence it of the culture in the social behavior.


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to have a better vision on the subject of the human relations, they happen between different social groups, like family, friends, well-known persons, it is known that 80 % of the persons who take part in the human relations is sociable and 20 % it is not. A relation is habitually perceived as a narrow communication between two individuals, for example, intimate or affectionate relations or relations parents and children, where an individual also can establish a relation, road surface with a group of several not particularly related individuals between yes.

There Exist topics developed by other social sciences, which might be considered to be potential taxpayers to the human relations, in any cases such knowledge has not joined, considering little emphasis, which the human relations, they put in the social aspect, an example in this ambience has to see with the economy, who might help to explain the relations of production, that of distribution of the revenue and his determinant factors, aspects that throw light on the basic causes of the human unequal relations, also the economy they might contribute with the study dl labour market, the behavior trustee of the worker, as well as the analysis of the technology and his impact in the productiveness.


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Is necessary to admit that between the human sciences and the natural sciences there exists from the XIXth century, after the crisis of the idealistic metaphysics and the irruption of the sociology the intermediate series, already stable which designated social sciences, of definition undoubtedly less clear by virtue of his interrelated character. Out of the humanistic fields, there exists in our time the frequent tendency to omit or to reduce the presence of the human Sciences in favor of a sobrexposición of the social Sciences as consequence, between other factors, of the increase of the western tendency, now also extended to Asia, of predominance of the economic reasons of market opposite to the classic ones and at present you would help of humanistic culture, as well as of the extraordinary influence redeemed by the mass media and his powerful capacities of political and social insertion.

Wilhelm DiltheyFilosofía en las ciencias humanista
Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911), source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, Author: Photography by the Studio (Atelier) Dührkopp (Berlin)In the Introduction to the Sciences of the Spirit, affirms Dilthey that the study of the human sciences or “ sciences of the spirit ” is the interpretation of the personal experience in a reflective understanding of the experience and a natural expression of the gestures, the words and the art, also it indicates that everything to know must be analyzed in view of the history. Without this logic, the knowledge can be only partial, in the historical world, which offers the development epistemológico excellently of the science of the spirit as humanistic, Dilthey says concerning ' the methods in which one presents to us the spiritual world : The connection of the sciences of the spirit is determined by his foundation in the experience and in the comprehension, where both we find incisive differences with regard to the sciences of the nature, which give his own character to the building of the sciences of the spirit .Taxonomies of criterion exist both in human and natural and social Sciences, some of them even wants cross street between human and social, but in fact, on having presented multiple insufficiencies and indeterminations, offers turned out especially uneconomical. There exists a discrimination that it divides in ontological, methodological and epistemológicas, but whose solapamientos occur untenable imbalance, Since it is clear, the classification of the sciences, human or any others it is changeable and he answers to the academic culture and epistemológica of every epoch.

The communication in the human relations, is concebida so much a skill of administered, as a difficult and constant process of broadcast of information, it is not only a question of giving orders, of explaining the work that is wanted or the targets that are chased, but of being able to motivate the subordinates, to expire you arrange them voluntarily of explaining the work allowing to take part and to contribute the employees.

For the communication be able to flow agilely, it will be necessary to create the structure organizacional adapted to the directions of confidences and moral discharge, which is conducive to an effective communication. In addition to information understanding will have to be transmitted also.

The company modern is an island of collectivism surrounded by a changeable and dynamic sea, although the company tends to realize its own targets, these it would be the way of obtaining them they will turn out to be affected by the technology, the governmental decisions and the pleasures of the consumers. Many of these changes produce in turn changes in the structure of the company in his functions and for them in the persons who integrate it, the hostility and resistance to the change originates in the suspense, which this one creates, to the solution of this problem the human relacionistas have applied the participation combined with measurements tending to muffle the tension and the suspense to the change.

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