This is not just a post but a manifesto.

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What you are now reading is a statement of what we believe in, what we have set our hearts to and, at the end of the day, who we really are. Our team consists of entrepreneurs, educators and marketers and we all have one thing in common; we are curious about life, the world and its limitless possibilities. We are all thirsty for knowledge and hungry for becoming better and better in our fields of expertise. We manage to keep abreast of any new developments because we strongly believe in humanity’s evolution and on top of it we like to know how things work at all levels and at all costs.

In order for every one of us to succeed in their post, we feel inclined to change how businesses run, not only by alternating their procedures but also by fully changing the mindset behind them. We have a mission and it must be set in action; this is of utmost importance. We want to disrupt the current status quo in Education and Social Entrepreneurship by leveraging modern and emerging technologies. That is the main reason why we have gathered together and have worked really hard on these two major social aspects. For our team, having a job is not just a matter of discipline and perfect functioning on a daily basis, but most importantly it is a way of contributing to society and providing some new and innovative ideas for the generations to come.

With regards to Education, for us, access to information must be free at all times, including journalism, entertainment and the internet. Censorship cannot be in the hands of the political parties in charge and those who once had the exclusive benefit of collecting and circulating information must now be stopped and their power must be decentralised in every possible way. A modern and very interesting way of this becoming true, is to use open licensed software and create our own smart applications that will be able to educate both the youngsters and adults in a more enterprising approach. To our team, the idea of gamification is the New World, in terms of an interactive educational system, where teachers and students have the opportunity to get together, create rapport and acquire many new skills and have access to useful information by playing games. We believe, that this is the way to go and we had better apply it to our schools, so that our students start loving school and the idea of evolving themselves through education. Thus, why not aspire to achieve this?

As for Social Entrepreneurship, the first thing that needs to be said, is that we provide this without aiming at gaining money. On the contrary, we fully understand how vital it is for everyone to have access to resources, especially when it comes to professionals and businesses. It is for this reason that we build companies and services with the sole purpose of being able to educate as many people as we can and make them safer, more productive and eventually happier with themselves and the life they have built. The world is anything but perfect and it is our mission to build a better future for our children every way we can.

Our core values are driven by our team’s strong belief that it only takes a step at a time for the big change to take place and even if this takes longer and it does not happen overnight, it is always worth the time and effort invested in it. Hence, never stop trying is one of our mottoes and the values that we believe in are:

Frugality is our passion
Work ethics are of the utmost importance
Consensus decision making
Horizontal organisation
The Future is NOW. Join us


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