Tariq Nasheed Debates Jared Taylor About White Supremacy (Angela Rye Debunks White Lies)

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This is a great debate between Tariq Nasheed, and suspected white supremacist Jared Taylor. It's long and so i tmay take you a few days to watch it all but I promise you it's worth it. The lessons that stand out in this video are important in dealing with current situations today. We need to understand the past in order to avoid repeating the mistakes that were made. The only way white supremacy was able to rise in the past, is because too many were ignorant of the methods they use to take power and carry our their wishes.

So many great lessons in this Tariq Nasheed Debate with Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor says in this debate, several times, that he feels black people are not as intelligent as white people. In the same conversation he claims he is not a white supremacist. This is the forked tongue (devil) nature of white supremacists.

What I enjoy about Tariq is that he makes sure to explain that 'not all white people are white supremacists' - because this is a fact. If we were to discuss what % of white people are white supremacists that's a difficult task. Some are more 'open' than others, and especially during these current times. Sadly, having a black president brought a lot of silent white supremacists out of the closet.

Deception is a huge part of White supremacy

White supremacy is a religion, and we see that what they end up doing is shoving a bunch of false talking points at others. They talk about black crime rates, and unemployment numbers in dishonest ways. It's all on purpose to advance the narrative that white people are better, stronger, more intelligent and overall better than blacks.

That's textbook white supremacy/racism : But these ideas remain prevalent throughout the world, unfortunately. So long as there are whites who believe they are 'better' than others, they will find ways to rally other whites to their point of view. Together, they will move to harm anyone who is not white and create advantages for white people, again, to bring more whites to their side. As this discussion accurately points out, they have also 'allowed' other races to excel, in order to keep separation between whites and black people, all around the globe.

This is especially true in Asian and Hispanic cultures - making DACA and other matters problematic; all of this works to the benefit of white supremacy.

More to the point of the lies whites are spreading about Unemployment for blacks in this country; Angela Rye does an amazing job of pointing out the blatant dishonesty. When Trump was running for office, he called the Jobs Reports 'Fake news' as they all were showing a Decrease in unemployment for blacks (While Obama was President). Now that he is in office, and the numbers have continued to decrease, he has decided the Jobs Report is Real news?

Here's that Video right from where Angla Rye goes in

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