CO2Fund: Steem/Hive Statement

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Since the hardfork in March 2020 CO2Fund is a project on two blockchains: Steem and Hive.

Some details of CO2Fund’s white paper have been adjusted accordingly. Major adjustments are marked with Update:

Our common commitment to our all environment via the CO2Fund project should unite us despite past and present conflicts. To satisfy supporters of the CO2Fund on both blockchains the following procedures are applied:

  • The Simplex World Society and it’s section CO2Fund posts on Steem and Hive.

  • STEEM which @co2fund receives through upvotes will not be changed into HIVE or credited to the delegation of STEEM @co2fund receives from @co2admin.

  • HIVE which @co2fund receives through upvotes will not be changed into STEEM or credited to the delegation of HIVE @co2fund receives from @co2admin.

  • STEEMP which @co2admin receives on steem-engine will be converted into STEEM and HIVE. The ratio can be calculated from @co2admin's wallets and may vary according to needed delegations, the support and potential development.

  • STEEM and HIVE hold by @co2admin and @co2fund are both seen as a common 'coverage' of COCO.

The CO2Fund project with it’s dedicated CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) could become an example of unity across different blockchains for a common goal.

Thank you all

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