The social contract of a representative democracy is analogous to being a "conspiracy theorist"

in #society2 years ago (edited)

It's worth recognizing that "conspiracy theory" just means theory about conspiracy, this was the way the word was originally used in the 1800s (slightly to diminish claims or to put them in context that they could be questioned. ) So "conspiracy theorist" is someone who puts out any theory about any conspiracy. This is analogous to the only responsibility that exists in a democratically organized society where the people are supposed to oversee the government. The term "conspiracy theorist" has gotten popular as power has fallen out of the hands of people everywhere, due to a too aggressive push towards global government (I work with building digital ledger paradigm global government systems, but at a period in time when that is becoming realistic. ) So to not be a "conspiracy theorist", and capable of holding government accountable, is to not value all the social infrastructure that has been built up in the past 300 years. And to be either a fucking idiot, or an anarchist or something but in the latter case they don't use the phrase as a derogatory term. The meme "conspiracy theorist" is double-speak to such an extreme that the people who use the term - who are often statists - don't even understand they are contradicting their very existence.

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