"Mental health" really, truly, means "meme health"

in #society2 years ago

"Mental health" really, truly, means "meme health". Memes are metaphor for "imitation genes", cultural units of information. But they are not just a metaphor, they actually exist. That you can read this text, is an example of that your brain has been programmed, memetically, to understand English.

The human brain, extraordinary as it is, has specialized in dealing with "non-sensory information", hallucinatory information, memes. This allows our species to produce technology. Other animals do not have memes in the way we do, so they do not get "mentally ill". This is an observation Psychiatry (a pseudo-science, or, "proto-science"), has made, that humans are different.

The human brain organizes its memes, selects for what to keep, how to form associations between them, using what can be broadly called "human will". Pribram called it "executive function". When this "orchestrator of the mind" or authority of the mind is impaired, because someone else is overruling your will using violence and coercion, the brain will start to form unhealthy memetic connections - because it is unable to control choices - and this is "mental illness" or "meme illness".

So how is will overruled? Through coercive government. Is there examples of consent-based government? Yes. What is the definition? The consent of the individual. But can't coercion be consent sometimes? No. But it feels good to believe that because then you can ignore that people around you are "raped" by society. But if you do, you also have to pretend like their reactions to that rape, is somehow manifesting for some other reason. The executive disorder Hysteria that affected females 200 years ago before female suffrage, was therefore believed to "come from the uterus". And same thing goes for "mental health science" today, superstitious nonsense, characterized by "generatio spontanea".

This book by Psychiatrist Hoyle Leigh from 2010 starts to get the big picture of memetics and "meme health" or "mental health". It is still "generatio spontanea", assuming mental disorders like Hysteria develop out of nowhere and are not in a 1:1 relationship with ongoing coercion (the theoretical paradigm that characterizes the pseudo-science Psychiatry. ) But it is a step in the right direction. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781441956705

Ultimately, people (on average) conform to society, so it will require a truly consent-based social paradigm for superstitious belief like Psychiatry to die out. This is what I worked on for a decade now.

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