Are you ready for what is coming?

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Are you ready for what is coming? Scary question isn't it? Well, I think the answer to this question is difficult to answer. Just what is coming? How does one prepare? What is coming is great stresses on humanity. What are these stresses? Well here is a few to consider.

Fraud and corruption is rampant in the global banking and equities markets. Everyone lies. Banks are insolvent. Wall Street sells stock that does not exist. Massive computer manipulation is prevalent. No one goes to jail. You see if fraud is discovered by a government agency, a fine is applied which the government pockets and the fraud continues the next day. No one goes to jail. The banks, Wall Street and the government are all in on it. It is a massive theft of the middle class. This WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Schools have lost control. Little Johhny can never do wrong. Discipline has left since the late 1970's. Class is disrupted and teachers and principles are afraid of getting sued. Thanks lawyers . We live in a slip and fall litigious society where lawyers rule society. Colleges and Universities charge outrageous tuition, housing and text books giving graduating students tens of thousands of dollars of debt and a degree that they can not find a job in. Did you know that close to 80% of graduates do not find a job in their degree filed?

Crime is on the rise. A huge trend is altering the gas stations credit card reader and stealing the numbers. No one wants to work. Stealing and living on government hand outs is the rule of the day. No one wants to put the time in for decades to raise their income and skill set. Everyone feels that they are entitled to an existence. For thousands of years man only survived if he was a hard worker and knew how to provide the daily needs of himself and family. Today someone else is supposed to work and provide for your daily needs.

Civil unrest is on the rise. As people become more stressed and confused in life (example: what gender they are), rioting and violence will increase. Notice what most movies and video games themes are? No one can have a civil discussion on opposing views. Name calling and mask violence assault is the norm of the day.

Homelessness is on the rise exponentially world wide. The haves and have not gap is increasing. Opioids use is skyrocketing and the addictions is off the chart. in some areas (like where I live) one out of three adults are hooked on opioids. This is not good. People are looking for escape. Drugs, alcohol, video games, gambling or more are used to escape reality. The truth is, reality is hard. The best way to deal with reality is head on and sober. Few want to heed this advice.

The Earth is also undergoing stresses. Scientist will not or do not know how to explain what is happening to our planet. Great geological changes are coming on grand scale. Severe weather and magma movement is on the rise. Many land masses will disappear and new land masses will appear. There will be great cold winter vortexes that will flash freeze areas (talking -50 degrees below zero). All of this and the above mentioned will be pangs of distress. Man will not have any answers. People will panic. The only source of answers and help is the last place people are looking.

Where is that you may ask? It is in ancient texts and prophecies (or predictions). The ancient texts discuss trouble times and explains why they are happening. Who today even reads or meditates on these writings? Not many. I recommend you start. There is a lot to learn and methods given on how to both prepare and survive what is coming. Here is one word of advice. If you start this journey, be prepared to be ridiculed and hated. Why? Because you are going against the heard.

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Hi @jetblake

I enjoy reading your posts man, just be careful not to fall into the trap of the current 'programming'. I am not implying that what you're saying is wrong, I just don't like 'advertising' fearporn.

You have so much information that you can share that we can benefit from. Keep on hammering on those man.

Check out this video if you have some time.

I agree. Fear Porn is not good. I am veg in my articles and You Tube channel for a reason. I personally believe that being positive and vibrating at a high spiritual level is important. I do not explain how I do this. I regularly speak in private with individuals about being positive and not giving into divisive topics that the internet strategically puts in place. Ancient texts speak of an intelligent presence that leans towards negative behavior and influences. The texts also talk about positive or loving presence that promotes life and happiness. I focus on the positive loving happiness forces and warn about avoiding the negative dark influences. I hope I am not lumped into the fear porn category. I try to let people become aware of such influences but that there is also an answer for a better world, better life experience. It is hard to address these topics and not get into religious doctrines or traditions which could turn most people off from the subject matter.

You do some of the best work man. Keep it up :-)

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