Every traumatized "refugee" costs german taxpayers more than 4000 Euro per MONTH!

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Source (in german only) http://www.merkur.de/politik/terroranschlag-wuerzburg-so-viel-zahlten-steuerzahler-fuer-betreuung-von-attentaeter-meta-6595418.html

Quote: "Die Betreuung des Attentäters von Würzburg hat den deutschen Steuerzahler im vergangenen Jahr mehr als 50 000 Euro gekostet. Das berichtet der Münchner Merkur in seiner Donnerstagsausgabe. Elf Monate verbrachte der junge Mann demnach in einem Kolpinghaus, wohin bei einem Tagessatz von 145 Euro insgesamt 47 850 Euro flossen."

In English: "The care of the assassin of Würzburg has cost the German taxpayer last year more than EUR 50 000. The reports of the Münchner Merkur in its Thursday edition. Eleven months the young man spent accordingly in a Kolpinghaus, whereas at a daily rate of 145 euros were a total of 47 850 Euros."

@heiditravels, come to Germoney, there is already more "action" in every village than in Haiti

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I've got some friends in Berlin that I've been meaning to visit, one was telling me about the special treatment they get for college and how it's at the expense of the Germans. I've also been reading up on the mess that Merkel created... how do you feel about it all?