"Spy hunting" or caution with Chinese gadgets

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On the Internet once again with enviable regularity began to appear a publication of the inhabitants of Russian fans to experience the nerves (otherwise hard to say), acquiring various "spy gadgets" on the Chinese sites.

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Only for the current year statistics of initiation of proceedings under article 138.1 of the Criminal code of Russia tells us about 300 "lucky people" who felt misunderstanding and intensity of passions of police in pursuit of figures (and this number grows).

As you know, the rules of trading platforms (AliExpress, Ebay, etc.) from the point of view of customs formalities and the legality of the purchase for import to a particular country - the headache and responsibility of the buyer (the seller is absolutely not important conditions and absurdity of the legislation).

A few months ago I already shared experience of interaction with the investigation because of the proceedings for the car GPS-tracker (which had an additional function to listen in case of a call to the SIM card installed). At the same time, the addressee managed to get rid of the fine only thanks to the Chinese who did not describe this function in more detail on the product page.

Is Not so simple, in terms of law enforcement and the topic of special technical means. After all, the growing demand and the number of ads (glasses or watches with a video camera, pens and flash drives with the function of the recorder, etc.) threaten very many (both a significant fine and imprisonment), if the purchase in the role of clients will come law enforcement.

And if there is a practice of prevention in some countries, it is rather possible to talk about the option of provocation. As a showcase for the implementation of banned gadgets is freely available (no any alert), and law enforcement agencies likely would need to curtail it is (to eliminate the cause and not the consequence)!

I Believe I am not the one who went through all these banal "ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility", and not the desire to study it, sometimes leads to severe consequences! But you must admit, surprised by the position of the same legislators who are doing much, watching a similar indiscretion of the population (condone criminal activity).

It is also Surprising that such "spy cases" reach trial without a reasonable understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship (for what purpose the device was purchased). A couple of years ago, there was an attempt to catalog "spetssredstva", however, this list does not solve the problem, because it is a month later, will become irrelevant. Why, with all the evidence of public danger of this crime, it is still not decriminalized?

I can only assume that the scale of the" problem " for drawing attention is not too large, although social activists are trying (already sent to the state Duma and the Federation Council appeals on decriminalization).

After all so long to reach and sanctions for "baby monitors" (which sometimes also "are camouflage" under different subjects) or children's watches, from the technical party of the question conforming to criteria of devices for the hidden receipt of information (them often remake for illegal actions). Yes, and law-enforcement practice of our days is such that despite the different circumstances and causes of the purchase, the consumer may well be found guilty and have a criminal record.

It seems to me not quite right to agree with the opinion of the authorities, on the lack of development of the legal and ethical culture of the buyers themselves, that "it is not good to eavesdrop and peep". After all, even despite the prohibitions, the Internet is not difficult to find a site that sells such devices in the country, and "catch and draw up" only random victims (instead of supply restrictions and market regulation).


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