It’s not ALL bad

in society •  8 months ago


Despite the world, society, us…being in basically complete and utter disarray, what has pleasantly surprised me are the moments of kindness on display at times. Not at times, that sounds like it is rare lol, but actually I have been overwhelmed at times with how frequent these kindness moments can occur. Of course I don’t see each moment ha, but just my own experience and seeing/hearing, it’s nice. Like, how humans treat other humans in close vicinity, how they speak, the apologies, the offers and the genuine aspect of it all.

It has personally assisted me a lot in my process. As I said, at times, frequent time in fact, I have been verrryyyy disappointed, down…about the state of everything, or most things in this world. Now that I was no longer suppressing all this shit, well, suppressing REALITY, I didn’t know where to turn, so I just felt down about it all lol. I have written self-forgiveness on these points too which has assisted me tremendously, and then also seeing this kindness in people - it is a beautiful thing and a type of indication of the potential for all of us to become if we expand on that kindness completely and utterly a million times over!

What I’ve also realised is that it is BECAUSE of my self-forgiveness and application, that I am now AWARE and seeing these acts of kindness. Definitely, these acts of kindness have, are and will continue happening, but it’s just that I was so despondent about society/the world, that I was immune to seeing anything cool and kind in the world!

It is very amazing what new insights, realisations and awareness can bring to a person and thus any situation.

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