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The Social Wallet’s Token, which is also referred to as the WIRE token, is a utility token that energizes the Social Wallet platform. The WIRE token is an early banking term, which implies the transfer of payment starting with one bank account to another. It is started by the payer, which means it’s not a must the recipients of the funds know about the transfer before he receives the money.

WIRE exchange is presently utilized everywhere in the world. The WIRE token is the quickening agent for social media transactions. One needs to claim WIRE token in their account for the system to work. WIRE token, however, serves dual utility roles, which are:

• To facilitate the sending procedure, the Platform requires WIRE token as a form of transaction fee.

• The Cryptocurrency that will be sent to the receivers’ social media account is the WIRE token.

However, when tokens are in the beneficiary's account, they have a variety of choices available to them:

• Purchase the token using a Social Wallet Debit Card

• Keep the token in the wallet for future use

• Transfer the token to family, friends or partners through email or on social networks.

Conclusively, WIRE token can be sent over all major social networks with the ability to be divided into any coveted or desired amount of your choice. It ranges from a very little amount, up to everything you claim, the abilities to spend or share these tokens are unending.

For more info about this platform, and also to join the network, endeavor to visit this website (https://bountyhive.io/join/Social%20Wallet)


Thanks for reading. I am Victorheywhy on Bountyhive.io

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Nice write up and a very good project

Thank you for reading through.