The Social Wallet Initiative: When Cryptocurrency Meets Charity!

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Have a quick look at our brand new video:

Social media sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Fundly have shown how generous and charitable random strangers on the Internet can be. Social Wallet knows this. We know and understand the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and its ability to change people’s lives for the better. We are bringing charitable social media exchanges and cryptocurrency together, to enhance the lives of everyone.

The Social Wallet Initiative: Crypto Giving Back

The Social Wallet Initiative is the passion project that the entire team at Social Wallet truly believes in. There is so much faith and goodwill behind this project that 10% of the funds earned from the WIRE token sale will be allocated to it.

“We value the benevolence of the human spirit, and we want to give back to the communities that have supported us,” states Jack Brown, Social Wallet CEO.

The Social Wallet Initiative aims to promote these stories of kindness, innovation, and empathy, in order to foster a community that cares for one another. One way that this will be accomplished is by highlighting exceptional stories of charity and growth. Social Wallet, through this initiative, plans to increase the knowledge of cryptocurrency and the blockchain to people who have not yet adopted cryptocurrency, thus furthering the giving and goodwill experienced through our platform.

What Do I Do? Where Do I Sign Up?

Getting involved with Social Wallet, and the Social Wallet Initiative is as simple as using our platform. Since we have focused on being easy-to-use, considering that we want to introduce as many new people to cryptocurrency as we can, all you have to do is sign up for an account, login, and fund your account with the WIRE token. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to start sharing and letting the love of charity enfold you.

And how you donate or give is entirely up to you. You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and see that an old friend has run over some glass on the highway on their way to work. All four tires, flat. They don’t have the money, and you want to help out. All you do is send them some WIRE through our platform, and they are on their way to a new set of tires.

Your favorite animal shelter, the one you adopted your furry friend from, has rescued a large amount of animals from an abusive situation and posted a profile for each animal on Twitter. Some of the animals are sick, but can get better with the right amount of treatment, and that costs money. You feel your eyes well up, and a weight pressed against your chest. You don’t have to send off a check, you just log in to your Social Wallet account and send them some WIRE to get those animals to their loving and caring forever homes.

The Objective

Social Wallet, and that Social Wallet Initiative, want to become a place of inclusivity and humanity. Social media has connected the world more than any other technological achievement has. And, it has also made us more caring. We will amplify the positive messages that surround us. The power of cryptocurrency and the blockchain have enabled this to happen, and we plan on celebrating that. Together, through our efforts we can make our world a better place to live for both ourselves and future generations.

The Social Wallet Token Sale

We are in Round 2 of our Token Sale where the bonus is still elevated at 20%. Our platform is fully operational so buying these tokens will give you immediate access to our platform the day after our sale ends on April 28th. If you haven’t heard, BuildTeam, our partner, has helped us integrate Steem and SBD as purchase options! Traditional options are available as well such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Come join what will be one of the most used blockchain platforms in 2018!

For more information visit us on the web at

Want to help make a better Steem community? Allow @socialwallet to hold your witness proxy to make the Steem ecosystem better than ever!

Need another option? Try using this simple SteemConnect proxy link!

Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

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Charity School Project. You can support Us by upvoting and resteeming our posts. To support Us daily just delegate or donate some of your Steempower to Us. @satoshischool

@socialwallet Interesting concept, but I would like to know, how it's completely different from RDD as you might be aware of RDD launching their Redd-ID where you'll be able to transfer funds without a crypto address, and seems like they are also working hard to make it work with almost every social media platform.

There are others as well. And what do you think of STEEM upcoming update & if other social media starts building their own blockchain (This is quite a possibility)

Thanks for the questions. I will develop each answer for you. So for starters we want to say we like RDD. Our platform will be integrated across 14 of the top 20 social networks in the world by the end of the first fiscal year. This is not the case for RDD. Next, with our platform we have what is called a Zero Knowledge Recipient. This means the person you send tokens to needs no prior knowledge or setup to receive funds. Once they get their notification on the social network that you sent the tokens to, all they have to do is click to accept and the funds are immediately available. It is my understanding that you have to pre sign up your Redd-ID to receive funds. While this is adequate for people currently in crypto, it provides zero reach to people outside of crypto. Our platform has seamlessly taken care of this issue, in turn, opening up crypto to 2.5 Billion people to receive crypto without prior set up. We feel their is tremendous value in that. They have also been working on their project since 2014. We feel our platform and technology is premium to anything on, or currently in production, in the marketplace today. In all honesty, RDD should reach out to us about being listed on our platform. It would help them tremendously.

We love Steem. Look at our account if you don't believe us. We have powered up everything we have gotten in token sale purchases. Steem is amazing but confined to its own ecosystem. Social Wallet breaks Steem out of its bubble to reach any social network it chooses. We aren't competitors with Steem. We are the amplifiers of this great network. Very key designation there.

As for all other potential competition within social media. We expect it. A few social networks are talking about their own token. We have 3 tremendous advantages:

  1. We will be first to market with a truly universal social network platform. Our coins will be spread across every social network. Not just 1. That is a MAJOR advantage.

  2. Social Networks will not form an alliance. They will only have their own coin on their own network. Again, we will be the one universal token that transcends the confines of each social network.

  3. We are a platform. We can list any coin we want (Like an exchange) on our platform and they will instantly have access to utilize our technology to send across any social network of their choosing. That is HUGE.

We will be one of the most used platforms in all of crypto in 2018. You can count on it. Right now no coin has access to social media on a universal scale. Can you imagine any coin in the top 100 not wanting to expand their potential reach by being listed on our platform? We can't!.

Hope that helps!

Correct me if I'm wrong.. so it's like an "universal crypto wallet" but for Social Media?

A universal social media exchange for crypto. Yes.

That is why I love this project. You have a clear vision of where you are going.

yeah it really sounds like a great idea that can easily point new investors to your service but sending out an airdrop genius idea and promotional tool!

I agree with you @darsico it's a really good initiative. Appreciate the team behind cause.

Very interesting platform. A few questions. Does the receiver have to have a wallet? If not, where does the crypto go? Does the other social network have to approve the transaction and if so do you have this approval already? Thanks and it sounds really cool.

Nice questions. The receiver does not have to have a wallet when you send it to them. Thats one of the great features that will help attract mass adoption. Once they receive the notification on the social media account that you sent it to, there will be a link to click to accept the tokens. That link populates the Social Wallet platform and wallet on their end. They tokens are already in their account for use! Its so easy to use. Secondly, we have programmed a platform that works along with social networks. No need for their approval! There was no way we, nor anyone, would get all social networks to agree on anything lol. We had to program the platform to account for that. We have actually done it. The platform is built and ready to go. The only thing left to get out of the way is our current token sale. We can't wait for everyone to start using Social Wallet to spread crypto around the world.

Great I like it, This is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.
But I can't figure out how dose it really work? So if anyone can help me out, please do.

Look at our prior post. We show the demo of the platform.

I've been hearing about Social Wallet from @kennethbosak - gonna check it out, thanks!

Yes! He found us at the Dallas Bitcoin Superconference this last week. He is SO excited about our platform. He makes us laugh every time he starts talking about us because of the enthusiasm of when he speaks.

This is a very interesting concept. Sites like Go Fund Me have helped so many people and with crypto becoming more and more mainstream this seems like a natural extension. It also seems like it would make it easier to transfer funds because there is no bank account or anything to connect middle man!

Exactly! We are just developing different use cases and aspects of our company and platform in these posts. This platform is essentially the crypto version of western union, paypal, venmo, kickstarter, gofundme, and many more all wrapped up into one. It is going to be a massive platform.

Its concept is intellegently done! If they will follow their platform, then somehow it will lift the image of crypto. In the early 2018, crypto image was stained by the numerous scandalous event that took place within the cryproworld - sudden crash of bitcoin, exchanges were hacked, government banned crypto & etc.

Such an innovative project to power up the online fundraising or any other kind of transaction. People who are providing lots of value online for free can use this to get random tips from generous strangers online. This would help them to provide more and more value in the future.

Bascially these people are everywhere. You don't need to copy paste a complex wallet address or scan a QR code, just the username of the receiver on a particular social media is required.

Right now, round 2 is ongoing with 20% bonus token and I think it is the best time to get in. I am glad that teams are working very hard to make this project a success and I am sure this will get mainstream very quickly. Cheers @socialwallet.

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I can see so many applications for Social Wallet, can't wait to see it in full use!

@socialwallet I very much believe in what this will do to bring about change and I Love the Fact that this Token can be so easy to send to anyone. I will continue to buy more Tokens over the next couple of months as I believe this is truly a Ground Floor Opportunity.....

Good project , but i would prefer something similar based on steem .
Wouldn't be better ?
Why don't we do that ?
"Steem help the world"

Our platform gives that capability to Steem.

Well, it is a new idea! awesome!

Wonderful idea to have a platform that works alongside mainstream social media for the greater good.

Great idea

Have bought 2 lots already, this is such a great project and in full support of what you guys are trying to achieve, cannot wait for April 28th.

Best of luck,
stay blessed.

WOW! This look very interesting! May be coming to change cryptocurrency world, and may be the world! Blockchain and charity are a great mix. Congratulations

First of all I wish you great success for your Social Wallet Project and I find it very exciting that you guys will bring crypto to so many new people and they don't have to sign up anywhere to participate that is amazing!!! I still have one question in my mind. I heard the rumor that you will be doing a Wire Token Airdrop to the holders of steempower is that correct??? And is there anything I have to do in order to receive your tokens???
I wish you all the best guys!!!

Awesome project we need more like this in the crypto community. @socialwallet

I see a brighting future for social wallet and been persuaded by the idea and that's why I just have joined social waalet and am sure that It will be a great experience for me
keep the good work up

Very good @socialwalletScreenshot_2018-02-25-19-25-58.jpg

Wow! This is such a great project and I would love to get involved. I am a big believer that what you give is what you get. I am constantly giving to people who have gofundme for different reasons, and think this would be amazing to see in the crypto currency realm. Not only are you guys setting the bar for future projects to come. You built this project to help people when they need the most support. Count me in when it goes on the market. I live in the U.S so we currently cannot purchase ICO's. Great project I wish you guys nothing but success.

Actually, we are a US based company having a Token Sale! Unheard of right?! Well we did it! You are allowed to purchase and right now we have a 20% bonus.

Really that is great news! I'll definitely look into purchasing this token. Thank you for the information. Glad I can finally buy an ICO and happy its purpose is for helping others.

Very nice idea, as there needed to be some sort of efficient crypto crowd funding platform. I will be monitoring this project and may even invest in this coin sometime down the road.

This initiative is a great way to introduce people to the crypto community. Using Social wallet people will know the benefits of using cryptocurrency. Not only can we help people in needs, this will allow people to easily accept cryptocurrencies. That positive outlook will have great impact to the crypto world in general. So basically it's win-win situation for all.

Great initiative!
This is one way of spreading the wealth.
If everyone will share something they really don't need, this world will find its way to perfection.

Lots of money sitting in the banks doing nothing, while other people are struggling and suffering.
So sad...

Nice initiative. Anything to make the world a better place for us and the coming generation is a win-win for all all. will gladly get involved

You are generous. 10%. That's huge amount. I will stay tuned with your posts.

I have been signing up to new social platforms lately, signing for this one wouldn't be harmful I guess. Good job, you guys are doing great.

We aren't a social network, just the platform that can amplify them!

Not long for people to sit with a black chain address on the Street and asking for charity.

Thnx for post ... l like that...

Looks really interesting. I will singe up as well

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This day steem in small the dolars..
I will follow you

Nice information, I will certainly look into opening an account with them. Thanks

Good project , but i would prefer something similar based on steem .

Steem can utilize our technology. So essentially, it is for Steem

good information that should be published. I ask permission to resteem your post

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We are in Round 2 of our Token Sale where the bonus is still elevated at 20%. Our platform is fully operational so buying these tokens will give you immediate access to our platform the day after our sale ends on April 28th. If you haven’t heard, BuildTeam, our partner, has helped us integrate Steem and SBD as purchase options! Traditional options are available as well such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Come join what will be one of the most used blockchain platforms in 2018!....good a information i like your information. i try it....thank

Great initiative, we all signing up

wow this is very innovative , keep it up guys

Very interesting information, thank you

Hi @socialwallet Good post, I like, I just upvoted it! PS: I hope we can both follow and equally like the post we post, thank you friends

Good job keep it the way i follow u so please follow back.

Very good initiative @socialwallet

Very good, may be useful for all of us.

An amazing initiative.
Keep it up

Nice one. Looking forward for more. Keep up the good work.

greeting steemit everything.
nice blog, and add insight @socialwallet
You can see my blog and upvote @agusmaeda
thank you

very interasting platform..great post thanks for your sgaring..

Social media is the most complete source of information

On Steemit, you can use Steem on Steemit to directly do kind things as well..... seeing good networking is what the good side of crypto is like.. many initiatives on here are doing just that but utilizing and sticking to the Steemit platform, no wallets, but Kudos to all those doing awesome initiatives and giving back <3

Exactly, but can you use Steemit to do such initiatives on other social networks? Well with our platform, Steem now has that capability!

not that I know of, ha ha can you imagine some silly sites doing it...being goofy
Like 8-Chan ..don't buy Ham! ;)

wallet is the best

Thanks for information

Thanks dude but i think market is not stable
If btc stable then market green lets see

Hello guys. Yes, I love your project. We do forest conservation in Cameroon and actually getting more funding currently in cryptocurrencies which I love it as well. But already facing a lot of difficulties how to get it where it is needed in the form it is useful. I appreciate your great effort which could make easier life not only for NGOs but for many others. Thank you so much.
coordinator and founder of @kedjom-keku and the only charity funds raising upvoting bot on STEEMIT @treeplanter

Thanks for sharing this posting of great magnitude. This will help out tremendously.

UpVoted and followed. best regards:)

wow that was are a great content creator...plz visit my account and upvote my post if you find that relevant and give some tips to improve account growth

wow that was are a great content creator...plz visit my account and upvote my post if you find that relevant and give some tips to improve account growth

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good post friends

Enthusiastic about your project. But I'm curious about how unique this truly is... What makes you believe 'humanitarian approaches' can fuse with social media?
Social media is full of lies, hatred, frustration, seclusion... Steemit on the other hand shows a new side of things, where the money approach gets people to help out, interact, give back... Do you think adding the money value of this social wallet to social media would do good or change the nature of it?

Exactly! Steem is the use case that Social Good can work!

I want to figure out this idea locally in Dallas-Ft. Worth. There are specific areas I am interested in implementing something similar, but stuck on how to implement. Thoughts?

U R so AWESOME! Can't wait to see this proyect launch!

It is an interesting, motivating platform. and it will have a big impact on the griptas.

Well... this seems like a good thing to join. Not gonna join now but we'll see when I will. At least I have a new idea of another charity site I can join.

Great innovation on crytocurrency.
Is it could WD into cash or can it to trade ?

thank you for sharing our beautiful sharing @ Socialwallet

Good project , but i would prefer something similar based on steem .keep the good work up.

We breaking Steem out of its current bubble. This project might be the biggest thing ever for Steem.

Saya senang mengikuti anda, mohon bimbingannya

Buen post! me gusto mucho la información. Gracias por compartir.

I really like such a problem, because it really helps the community to move forward 👍👍
Vote back and follow back 👌 thanks

I love this article.Check out my DTube video :)

Good project, this is a very interesting consent, congrats nice idea @socialwallet

I think this concept is great, it will not only provide convenience to us to transfer money, but also help the other individual to get money quickly. This will also help us to transfer money in remote locations say to hilly areas where it is difficult to send through other means.

But, I have a question - how it is different from other payment methods like online wallet etc. Since, from it we can send money to the other person's wallet directly if the said asked for help on social media platform by giving his wallet number..

Outstanding 👍
your words are incredible

Interesting. Keeping an eye on this project.

What a great idea, especially in today's day and age! So much positive development going on in the steemit community! Very excited to see the next couple years

upvote and follow @rikineng

Too much content, visuals and less description would have been more attractive.

@socialwallet Interesting idea, however I might want to know, how it's totally not quite the same as RDD as you may know about RDD propelling their Redd-ID where you'll have the capacity to exchange stores without a crypto address, and appears as though they are likewise endeavoring to influence it to work with relatively every online networking stage.

There are others too. What's more, what do you consider STEEM up and coming refresh and if other web-based social networking begins assembling their own particular blockchain (This is a significant probability)

You literally copied a question above and pasted it as your own. Plus I already extensively answered that question.

Nice i liked it...follow by follow

!good info](url)

Legit information, the fluctuation the in cyrptocurrency market have made people start saying that it's gonna crash (steemit precisely).. Thanks for the information, please always though more light....ASAP

Did someone say that Crypto101Blog produces the best brief market updates?

This is a brilliant set up for worthwhile charities in need .

What a wonderful idea! Simply L O V E this! Follow, upvoted, re-steemed.. ♡ @amatchgirl

i like this post sir.

That was really awesome, I'm gonna try it.

Great idea & I love the motivation behind it. Just a friendly suggestion - the current marketing slightly reminds me a little of the terminator movie. Its good but its a little cold and robotic - the opposite of the kindness and sense of giving that the project seems to be about. I may be alone in thinking that though.

Besar arti kejujuran diri

Can't a charity use any wallet and simplay post the address. Or email it to people.

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