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What do lasers, LED’s, GPS, chocolate chip cookies, Social Wallet, and the WIRE token all have in common? These are some great inventions that find their origins in the United States. This is not a jingoistic shouting of how great the US is. No, it’s just us showing anyone interested in us how we operate as a company. Fortunate for us, we are one of the few United States based corporations that is able to basically do an initial coin offering.

As Clear As Crystal

The nature of decentralization and anonymity that comes with the blockchain and cryptocurrency can make people wary. That, and the fact that some people who set up ICO’s are just trying to scam people. We are neither of those things. One of our main tenants is introducing new people to cryptocurrency and to make it easier to use.

Social Wallet is a United States based corporation. What does that mean? It means that we have to follow certain rules and guidelines when it comes to cryptocurrency. It means calling something “this” instead of “that.” It means that we work harder than everybody else to provide you with such a great product.

We are here for you. We want crypto to be accessible to the masses. We want crypto to be sent as easily as sending a Facebook message or a Tweet is. This shroud of secrecy that surrounds cryptocurrency and ICO’s should not exist. We are not some blackhat organization with a “donate here” button on our website. We have founders, a team. We are people, just like you.

The Destination

Social Wallet is taking the scariness out of crypto. We have built an entirely intuitive platform that works in conjunction with existing social media platforms as well as email providers. Our platform is so simple to use, that sending cryptocurrency to anyone in the world is done in just four simple clicks. We’ve even tested this with children, and we have their seal of approval too. Later this year, and so that you can spend your cryptocurrency anywhere, we have our Social Wallet Debit Card release.

Our platform is just the beginning. We are also indebted to the wealth of current cryptocurrency users, and the explosion in value. With our platform, we are highlighting those who are charitable in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain community. Our Social Wallet Initiative will give back to those that give back. Know anyone in the cryptocurrency or blockchain community that fits those parameters, go ahead and contact us on social media accounts listed later in the post!

Cryptocurrency and decentralization does not need to be scary. It also doesn’t need to be a mystery to anybody dealing directly with it. That is why we are here. Social Wallet is here to bring crypto to everyone.

If you have a question, or just want to talk, go ahead and hit us with a message on Facebook, or DM us on Twitter. We have a Discord group as well. Also, our token sale is still live. We are in the 15% bonus round and will be until the 13th of March, so get some WIRE while you still can.

Want to help make a better Steem community? Allow @socialwallet to hold your witness proxy to make the Steem ecosystem better than ever!

Need another option? Try using this simple SteemConnect proxy link!

Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

Join the Social Wallet Discord chat

Do you have questions left unanswered? Would you like to be part of the Social Wallet community? Take a moment and join our discord room by clicking on the 'Join discord chat' button below!

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I see Social Wallet solving one of the largest hurdles that will have to be overcome in order for mass adoption to take place- Ease of Use. Excited to see you here on Steemit after your presentation in Texas last month.


Social Wallet is the only platform that has the functionality to actually put mass adoption within reach immediately.


keep the hard work....its functionality is what amaze me


have you used it?


"Functionality"'re making the same mistake almost every platform before you made. Your UI/UX designer has less than 3yrs experience at his post but most of these systems require 6yrs of experience or more.

Design wise, your branding and site has problems to the extent of seeming rushed and like a fly by night scam. I think I saw your post on Medium. Your team really needs to work on your branding and with a UX designer with less than 3yrs experience and no body of work to validate your claim, I simply cannot invest or recommend anyone invest in your company until your past UX work has been validated.


Appreciate you looking into our company and for the comment. However, we disagree on almost every point :). Thanks


6 years experience in this space? That means that social wallet requires someone that has been involved from the beginning of crypto. This doesnt sound right as there really arent that many people in the world with that sort of experience...

@socialwallet I am going to go get some more WIRE tokens just because I believe this is such a Big Opportunity to let people that I talk to, that might be on the Fence about Crypto that they don't have to be afraid to dip their toe into the pool. When you mentioned that it was so easy that even a child can do this I just knew I should add more WIRE to my Stack.


Iam doing the same. In fact aiming to become one of their masternods.

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@pegaso that is a good thing to do,
the masternode is going to be a hidden gem........


I take it they are set up for masternodes? If so I need to get involved...

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Wondering what is the difference of the one coming from U.S. to the one coming from U.K. Germany, Korea, China, or Europe. In my opinion they are all equal to one another. We are now at decentralized era where border are all gone and everyone is equal.


This is not a post about decentralization, it’s just a post showcasing that we have made it passed the stringent rules and regulations of the USA. If we were anything less than stellar we would be shut down, fined, and possibly jailed. With all the scams and broken promises out there, everyone should feel very safe that everything we are doing is in correspondence with the law and top notch! Not to mention we are the only company anywhere that has figured out how to create a platform that facilitates crypto to be sent across social networks almost universally. We really like our future.


This sure sounds like some new scam designed by @Haejin & @RanchoRelaxo. Have people started to take notice that Rancho is now upvoting this @SocialWallet account now? Have you seen this berniesanders?


We have never spoken to them or have any affiliation. I am aware of their tactics and I feel the same way you do about it in regards to Steem. No idea why they decided to upvote us on a post. So no new scam. We are just a great platform that plans on helping Steem grow to new heights.


Yap I feel safe with social wallet. In fact I buy WIRE on it's Round 2 where I receive an additional 20%. My regret, I was skeptical the 1st round where bonus comes 25%.


Ha! A huge regret lol. We are legit and going to really help not only Steem (who has the chance to benefit the most) but all of crypto. It’s going to be great.

Sounds awesome! Will definitely be joing the discord group to find out more :)

Greetings, social
Actually, I see a difference in the way companies operate in the US and the country where I live. Here, there is a little less seriousness. A company goes through a corruption issue and in a short time is operating again. From what I read in the US, if a company practices something wrong on this issue, it's severely punished !!!
Thanks for the text, good evening!

This is really going to solve some problems, it's really a great project in general! I'm glad to see you on Steemit. I'm also new here, let's change the Crypto Game together!

I see this as a future of bringing money as easy as drinking coffee. I believe that one day this platform will be able to accommodate the need of most people in the world just by simple click

I see Social Wallet solving one of the largest hurdles that will have to be overcome in order for mass adoption to take place- Ease of Use. Sounds awesome! i will join. vote done

Great article, I follow your project for a while now. Out of curiosity, will social wallet integrate with the Steem Blockchain and if yes, how? And what is your value proposition in contrast to other social tipping platforms like ReddCoin and Wildspark that already have a big user base?


It’s all in there. With 1 click of a button we can give any coin we want more social functionality than the coins mentioned above.


Great, thanks buddy

Oh now I understand what socialwallet is. This is interesting to see you building yourself very fast

Hmmm... come to Toronto where the future of Cryptos will be. USA has too many regulations.

yeah thats cool.its very helpful.thanks for sharing

Hello Im new on steemit, can anyone follow me and upvote my comment only for encourage and help. thank you

I see that social wallet exceeded or exceeded one of the most difficult obstacle awesome friend!

Good night.. I am new member in steemit, please follback and upvote my post

excellent article

Thats a new discorvery where we can learn and ask our desired quastions
Am glad to be a member of this community...

Your photos are very interesting.
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I follow you follow me please. And I upvote you everyday @underworld24

This is legit

interesting seems like this is a change for the better although I have not fully understood but I am sure this will work.

Congrats, good job @socialwallet,, i like a post

I heard first time.thanks

thats really pleasing to read, many interresting things to discover, I need some encouragment from you , take a look about my last posts if they desrve , wish to you all the succes

social wallet has come to stay...lets work hard to make it better...nice one

Well said SocialWallet.

@socialwallet - sorry for the late response, as I've just saw this post. This looks like an admirable effort and great team you have to lauch the Social Wallet ICO- based on the WIRE token. I know there will be others coming down the pike. But you seem to have first mover advantages.

My only hope is that this marketplace does not get too crowded, where every Tom, Dick, and Harry (sorry just a common phase) has a coin they are trying to pitch to the social websites.

Also, what about the new Social App that is launching on Steem- APPICS (i believe that's the name) that will use an XAP token (an ERC-20 based token) since the true Steem SMTs are not ready yet. Is there a plan to integrate the Social Wallet with the APPICS App?

It would make sense to integrate these new technologies. I should be able to hold a number of cryptos in my wallet & be able to send whatever type of crypto that I'd like to.

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Greetings from Poland !

How social work. Swallow it @ socialwallet

How could you integrate a centralized network into decentralized system by still keeping it decentralized? You will need a central verification system (facebook login) which defeats the purpose, otherwise you will get security problems. Sorry did not have time to read whitepaper yet.

Great post

I have been in crypto for long time and I’m agree with your statement, not many reputable ICO from USA based company and mostly just ended on scam after ICO completed. But Social Media have 2 big STAR that we should consider:

  1. Unique Ideas and could be next trending on crypto market after platform launch.
  2. Clear as Diamond you can easily contact them and all teams have true identity, plus they LEGAL on USA.

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Wow, I can't wait for the Twitch integration! I'm on that platform alot.

Nice post

just signed up

I have no idea how you managed to get just 72 views, yet 648 upvotes. For me, this system is barking mad; even after a month and a half usage.

I'm a voluntary blood donor.
I gave blood 3 times.
I'm willing to be a volunteer.
I want to participate in social activities.
Want to be a partner in all social work.


Wondering what is the difference between the one that comes from EE. UU And the one that comes from the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, China or Europe. In my opinion, they are all equal to each other. We are now in a decentralized era where all boundaries are gone and all are equal

interesting information keeps publishing things like these


someone already posted this exact message.