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Fred Rogers, also known as the amiable Mister Rogers, once told a story about his mother telling him to, “Always look for the helpers. There’s always someone who is trying to help.” This sentiment still rings true, even when it comes to companies based in cryptocurrency and blockchain!

The team behind Social Wallet considers ourselves the helpers.

Unlike other people who create a coin or token, and are just looking for that “get rich quick” scheme, we are here to help bring cryptocurrency to everyone. We are here to make it easy for everyone.

How Can Social Wallet Help

Social Wallet has been designed around two central principles. The first being to bring cryptocurrency to everyone by simple design. The second being to help and highlight people that are engaging and charitable using the power of crypto and the blockchain.

Social Wallet accomplishes this through our Social Wallet Initiative and our EARN program. For more information on both of these, give our whitepaper a read.

Helping Out In Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster strikes, such as a hurricane, flood, or other act of God, Social Wallet will be there. Our platform enables any user to send cryptocurrency instantly to any social media user. This flawless transaction will occur with little to no delay, and the recipient will have their crypto to use as they see fit.

This is perfect after a natural disaster strikes. Insurance takes weeks and months to go through their process, but friends and family will only take four steps to send you crypto. Also, anybody in the world can send you cryptocurrency. No waiting for a GoFundMe to end, you will have your crypto on demand.

A Hypothetical Situation

Place yourself in this situation: a major hurricane has just rolled through your beach house on the coast of Florida. Your family, and yourself, are safe. You evacuated on time, but you come back and your house is missing a roof. You buy all the materials to seal it up, but money is now getting tight. You post on social media your story, and receive a notification from WIRE. Somebody has sent you some crypto, and now you have money to use. Another notification comes in, and another, and another. People have heard your story and are helping you out.

Cryptocurrency, and the blockchain, have this preconception of mystery and scariness to outsiders. This is due to the fact that most of the mainstream press reports on the bad news of hacks and bans, and that you really cannot see it. The same thing happened when the Internet was new.

Social Wallet is here to help. We want to bring cryptocurrency to everyone, and ruin that mystique of scariness. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are revolutionizing the world. We are there on the front lines. If you’d like to join in on our token presale, it is still live on our website.

Sign up and get some WIRE!

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Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

Join the Social Wallet Discord chat

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@socialwallet I was able to share you with a friend who I Love Very Much tonight and you know what?, she Gets It. She knows how easy it will be on April 28th to get her Family involved in Crypto that have only thought of Crypto like a lot of people do. Those people won't be Skeptical anymore once they see a notice that they have some WIRE Tokens and all they have to do is set UP their wallet to accept the Gift.................


This is a really great project @socialwallet. Crypto is really gaining grounds and growing into almost all areas of life and all kinds of business. I am most glad that with WIRE, crypto is also now in social welfare. With the block chain, we can make the world better for all of us. Decentralized and easy.
Keep up the good work.

Great job @socialwallet.

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Your concept is very solid, it might seem hard to implement in the start but I know that if you keep at it you will reach your goal!I cannot wait to start using your system!

Between token purchasers, airdrop distributions, bounty distributions, marketing, and most importantly, word of mouth of how great our platform works....mass adoption will be a lot easier than one might think.

What a nice project. I hope you can get everything together.

It’s already together. We have a live, fully functioning platform!

Social walet is the medium for earning money. It is very helpful for our life. Day by day it is growing up and it is changing our life style.

Wow, I love the idea behind your setup. It shows you have a solid foundation.

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