Quick video on how the Social Wallet platform works with Twitter

in #socialwallet5 years ago

People have been BEGGING to see how this works and I finally found time to make a short video. Let me know what you think. Don't forget to check out the website at https://socialwallet.io


I cant wait before instagram becomes available! With 14k followers there, this would be a great incentive to get them from instagram to steem (and crypto in general)


Facebook, Twitter, and Email at launch. Instagram next up in the Spring!

This looks very promising!
I invested and wish you the best of luck with this great project :)

Appreciate the support!

very good posts, incredible information, as the economy improves, and the increase in the income of the affluent, the time becomes more valuable: every hour means more, so we feel more pressure to fill it with more work. But busyness is also the result of the kind of work that we generally do and sometimes in the field of social application swallow is very important to us all.

Great job on the video!

many thanks friends, I wait new information from you ,, you very remarkable, I need your support, all it took a little help terkadang.token wire has the potential to be used to build community and relief efforts sosial.mereka can be sent to help a friend who recently had events unexpected or even help the entire community be a disaster victims alam.mereka can also be used to reward on the story of heroism amazing. ability to use the token wire for the benefit of social very menjanjikan.dan that's initiative wallet social; it will use the budget to actively focus on the fight for the cause of altruistic wherever they can be found around the social media. how technology powering social wallet? wire using algorithm xevan, he was founded by developers bitsend and since then proved to be stable, algorithm resistant and efficient asic.algoritma hash xevan is a unique combination of the algorithm difficulty x17 double with extension to 128 bits.

We are anxious for the day when this platform and this token can be used to spread funds across the world. Natural disasters, missionaries, family, friends and even commerce. We see applications way beyond what I have even mentioned here.

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