Trending Blockchain Social Media News #41 : February 19th, 2020

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Steemit Migrating to TRON Blockchain In New Partnership

"...Steem’s main blogging app (Steemit) and the STEEM token will move to TRON in the future. Steem-based DApps will be able to move to TRON as well. However, it is not clear whether migration is voluntary, or whether the Steem blockchain will continue to exist in its current form..."

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Jack Dorsey Enables Bitcoin Emoji on Twitter Posts

"...Dorsey announced Sunday Twitter users could now use the bitcoin symbol as an emoji, appearing automatically after "#bitcoin" or "#btc."

His tweet also tags the Twitter account for Unicode – the computer text and emoji standard for the internet – possibly pushing for the administrating consortium to introduce an emoji that can be used across all web platforms...."

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How Blockchain Could Help Block Fake News

"...By 2023, up to 30% of news and video content world-wide could be authenticated as real by blockchain – in effect, countering Deep Fake technology, according to the Gartner 2020 Predicts report released in December..."

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Block.One "Voice" Social Network Beta Goes Live

"...Voice has been a huge undertaking for Block.One, they have invested over $150 million on the project. The platform bills itself as a truth-focused social media network, which aims to give censorship-heavy social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter a run for their money..."

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How Blockchain Can Boost the Philanthropy Industry Amidst CoronaVirus

"...The widespread reach of coronavirus and its impact on all facets of life: tourism, economy, business, social, etc. has prompted people from across the globe to come forward and aid victims.

Amidst rampant accusations of mismanagement of donation funds, many entities are resorting to blockchain-based solutions for transparency and enhancing the people’s trust in the system..."

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