10 Types of Trolls on Social Media

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Trolls are Part of Social Media.

I will let you in on a little secret, "Social media is a reflection of society". Just like the outside world you are going to have many types of people here on steemit and across the internet. Don't be disheartened or worry that they will bully you. Learn to embrace it and take your emotion out of the conversation.

I recently saw a few arguments and heated conversations here on steemit that reminded me that most people are ill prepared for the trolls. Believe me I used to get into heated arguments as well but have learned to take a step back. I personally will leave the conversation for a while and come back later when my blood pressure normalizes.

You are Not Going to Change a Persons Opinion!

The above meme cracks me up. It is right in so many ways. People don't like change! Sure we may sway a few people with our writings, memes and videos but in the end it takes a personal relationship to bring them to your side.

Instead of engaging a troll with keyboard warfare it would be better to engage them on a personal level. Personally I don't bother because frankly, "I ain't got no time for that shit".

10 Types of Trolls

  • The Political wannabe Pundit.
  • The Religious Zealot.
  • The Know it All Troll.
  • The Grammar Nazi.
  • The Online Marketing Police.
  • The Jealous Troll.
  • The Sexist Bully.
  • The Attention Seeker.
  • The Thrill of the Hunt Troll.
  • The Failed in Life Troll.

1. The Political wannabe Pundit-

These Trolls and Bullies are some of the easiest to identify and avoid. Posting about politics is like putting crack in front of a fiend. They can’t stop themselves, what was once a nice amicable person may quickly turn into an idealistic nightmare. The quickest way to lose friends on social media is to post about politics. Never get into an argument with one, people with political ideals can not be swayed on an internet post. I have to admit I love to reverse troll these people, which makes me a troll ; ). Funny how that works.

2. The Religious Zealot-

These Trolls and Bullies are also easy to identify. They hide behind a friendly exterior and will pounce as soon as you post something that does not align with their religious dogma. You need to tread softly here, the Religious Zealots tend to group. If you startle one, others may also join their cause quickly and without mercy. The Religious Zealot is anyone who thinks their religious beliefs or lack of are superior to yours.

3. The Know it All Troll-

These Trolls are impossible to deal with. We have all dealt with them in everyday life. When I was young this was one of my short comings. It took me losing friends in my teens to realize that it was ok to be wrong. I also learned it was ok to let people carry on when they are wrong. The quickest way I have found to get this type of troll to back down is to engage them with sarcasm. If they persist stop engaging them and block them. These folks are so stubborn that they could be staring facts in the face and they still will not see that they are wrong. All I know is that I know nothing!

4. The Grammar Nazi-

My weigh of dealIng WITH a grammar NaZi? I don%T know: Maybe you wohs them that you just don’t give a F$%@!

5. The Online Marketing Police-

These Trolls number very few, but tend to be aggressive. They tend to live by a set of ideals that they would like the whole world of marketing to live up to. What they do not tell you is that this is a great tactic to keep the competition under control. When it comes to propaganda and power, one of the ways to protect your position is to speak against any view point that may threaten your position. Believe me, they do not have your best interest at heart.

6. The Jealous Troll-

These little monsters are nasty. The Jealous Troll is one that should not be engaged with if at all possible. These little monsters will follow you around and make your online life unbearable if you offend them. Once you identify a Jealous Troll you must not engage them. They Typically do not have a monetary motive so it is not about business. When you damage a persons ego either intentionally or unintentionally they can and will pursue retribution for years! I recommend you block the Jealous Troll once they show their true self.

7. The Sexist Bully-

These Trolls and Bullies tend to target women. We all know stories of women being sexually harassed on the internet. I know of a few women who have suffered serious bullying on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Bullying online or offline has the same mental effect. I think I created a Block Monster with my wife Anabell. At the slightest hint of getting out of line she will block them.

8. The Attention Seeker-

These Trolls are numerous. They will hijack your post for their own benefit. A great tactic on social media is to engage and build relationships while commenting but these trolls take it to a new level. These trolls can also be any of the other types of trolls. If you see someone try to hijack a conversation or link drop, I recommend deleting the comment. Trolls forget that the post is yours, you are in control. If they make it a habit, give them Block therapy!

9. The Thrill of the Hunt Troll-

These Trolls have one agenda and that is to upset people. They are looking for you to lose your control. Did you know that there are professional trolls on the internet who pride themselves on upsetting people? You may be using the internet innocently but The Thrill of the Hunt Troll is in the shadows waiting for you to post something. Then they can form an opinion that would piss off you or your followers. These Trolls thrive on people who have quick tempers. Ignore them if at all possible.

10. The Failed in Life Troll-

These Trolls really get under my skin. They like to target the folks who are positive and doing things with their lives. Due to their circumstances, they rain on everyone’s parade. They have nothing positive to say about life. The Failed in Life Trolls want to crush your dreams also. We have all dealt with this type throughout life, but when we come across them on the web they are much more difficult to avoid. Good tip, “avoid the negative and unhappy at all costs.” If you engage them they will infect you with their misery.

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I've actually had a few people say this to me. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a very efficient way of trying to open people's minds to alternative viewpoints... but it is one way.

I think this post is important, because with some kinds of people, when you don't know what they're doing, it can affect you emotionally. But when you recognise the behaviour, any power it has over you can disappear instantly, almost like magic.

Everything you said is wrong. I think you're just trying to start an argument!
But I upvoted it anyway! ;)

It's so true. At first we feel like we need to correct these people. But, in some ways, we might actually become more like them when we take the bait. Thanks for spelling it all out.

Don't feed the trolls! Best advice ever given to me :)

It is important to have the power to block trolls from some field of view, so there is a symmetrical power balance, which also empowers ignoring them versus feeding them by engaging them. However, it shouldn't be possible globally block a troll from everyone's view, as that is censorship.

i think i have encountered all of these. good job on the compilation!!!

one more kind is, the true believer. these are not malicious but not to be reasoned with either. thanks.

All we need is love. Just say I love you :) Nice read. 1000x


Thank you for stopping by! Love sure can be a cure for many ills.

Love that meme. Made me laugh for like 5 minutes. Keep spreading happiness @hilarski


That is my purpose Brotha!! Spreading happiness.


I have a troll compendium as well...I like yours better because you classified them by character...mine classifies them by practices...And I still don't get this...I just voted for you making it 110 votes & you get $18.07?...I feel that it should be a LOT more! Are OUR votes too teeny weenie to count?

I wish I could resteem this! @hilarski

I have been getting flag attacked by some chinese guys because I incorrectly used the tag CN thinking it meant China and instead I guess it meant Chinese according to @wallsnow (AKA @incrediblesnow).

MY BAD, since then I haven't used it but I have been getting flagged by his account wallsnow. I have taken it upon myself to troll the troll and start flagging his main accounts post @incrediblesnow. If you could help me stop this troll, I would be greatly appreciative as I have FULLY converted from all other forms of Social Media to really become a part of the steemit community. I have even convinced my girlfriend to be a part of steemit, we are currently working on her introductory post!


Maybe together we can stop this troll. Up until this point I have loved this system but someone flagging a majority of my posts for a simple ONE time tag is ridiculous. My bad for thinking oh China is about to wake up, maybe they want to see parts of America.