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in socialmedia •  8 months ago

I recently decided to take a break away from facebook altogether; no status updates, no responses, no opening the app... That alone can be a tricky prospect if you have family who communicate almost exclusive through Facebook.

Maybe others have similar experience; it seems the longer I stayed away from the platform, the more messages I would start getting trying to draw me back.

"You have 21 messages"
"Check out X updates on their status"
"Check out X comments on their own status"
"You have 150 messages in this group that you haven't participated in for over 5 years"

Why is Facebook so desperate to keep me around?

This behavior reminds me of my dating life; having a person who wants you so much that their need for your attention just pushes you away even faster.

How many of you have tried a facebreak with facebook

Did you notice the same pressure to come back from the software?

Share your perspectives in the comments...

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LOL, on that road just now. I find my biggest problem is, family members and other close people who will not move off facebook, and thus it has become an annoying permanent link. On that note, I have removed most of my facebook friends, with some more chipping away still to go. Also deleting previous posts one at a time, is taking ages to do, thus leaving only personal content for those close around me. So perhaps this relationship is not going to be a fatal strike to the heart,but death by a thousand cuts..