Jacobin article about Democratic Socialism

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Democratic Socialism is about people choosing what happens around them. Democratic Socialism is when the community is organized and mobilized for the good of all. Unions, healthcare, peace.



Democratic Socialism is radical Statism.

It's the absurd idea that somehow if we make the state apparatus even more powerful, we will be better off.

More state = more violence = less freedom = more scarcity = people eating their cats.

Socialism and Communism is when workers organize and abolish the state.
Less state= less violence = more freedom = communism

In theory yes.

It just seems that somehow instead of less state, socialists always end up having more state, by taking eventually complete control of the economic sphere, besides everything else they can get their hands on. This they have in common with other radical statists like fascists.

It's almost as if Marx invented a godless religion with communism as the never arriving Paradise and socialist Statism as the world, filled with never ending suffering and slavery of the subjected masses under a all-powerful state apparatus. The unarmed worker drones dreaming at night about the mythical withering away of the state apparatus, the second coming of freedom.

And stateless communism, what does that even mean? If there is no state no centralized authority, everything is voluntary.

Therefore people can freely choose how to live. No need for communism, just freedom. Anarchism if you wish, or voluntaryism. Self organization.

No more centralized power structure, neither fascist, nor socialist, nor communist not Democratic...

Of course people can come together voluntary and organize under communist principles. As long as they don't force others into it everything is good.

They can share everything... In fact, they can do it even today!

I truely wish there was a better way of securing freedom than the right to own property, but im afraid there is none, especially if we don't think that the end justifies the means.

When the state takes over the means of production everyone eventually ends up a landless slave.

Just my two cents...

I really try to understand how Marxism always empowers the state while promising to abolish it.

It's like trying to get sober by drinking vodka.

Anarchist often times call themselves libertarian socialists or libertarian communists. In socialism you can own personal property and capital. But major industries that are used by the community will be unionized and democratized. Marxism is a thread of socialism, an opinion on how to get socialism, it is not socialism. Industrial unionism is far better, more peaceful, effective and democratic than marxism. Socialism and communism, when centralized, failed. You have to decentralize it and democratize, exactly what Marx and millions of other communists tried and are trying to do.

Petsonal property?
How about private property?

I own a piece of land on which I live.
As a socialist, communist or Marxist do you think I should be able to do so, or should my land be taken away?

Private property meaning capital. No one wants your parcel of land. All major capital fails because of greed, therefore democratize and organize it for the benefit of the surrounding community.