This is where to find Socialist Utopia

in #socialism4 years ago

Where is socialism successful, and those living under it happy and healthy?

The same place where magic is real, where faster-then-light travel is possible, where shape-shifters live.

Fiction. All those things are in fiction. Books, movies, TV shows. But only in fiction.



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Wow that is the same place where anarchy, capitalism, communism and religion are all successful too. It sounds like such a wonderful place.

Interesting, since anarchy is where everything actually gets accomplished, and where everyone lives the vast majority of their lives. I feel bad for those who let Rulers tell them who to love, where to shop, what to wear, etc.

Capitalism is a nice idea, but can't exist where government exists. If you try to have capitalism where government exists, you end up with fascism (also known as "corporatism" or "crony capitalism").

Well the type of anarchy you linked to appears to only ever exist very briefly in power vacuums until the next ruler comes along. Anarchy appears to be an untenable solution in reality.

Ah, so you are of the "But it will only lead to warlords taking over" persuasion. Well, that's fine. If you don't want liberty, I would never dream of forcing you. Just stay out of my way.

"But it will only lead to warlords taking over"

It doesn't have to be warlords but yeah that is a problem. It could also be a gradual and willing evolution to governance though.

Just like socialism it only works in fiction.

Nope. Sorry. It works in YOUR life, too. You just don't wanna accept it.
Here's someone else's take on those too scared to let go of The State- a situation I see as the same as someone who would refuse to eat, because they say it's no use- they'll only get hungry again: Worst Case Scenario: A Return to Statism. It's just that I hear this again and again, and it is tiring because it is observably not true.

Where can we observe a successful anarchistic society?

All around you. In anything and everything that is done voluntarily and with mutual consent (which is most of what is done). It exists in spite of the pervasive existence of coercion and theft of the State and other users of the political method (theft and aggression and threats).

If your house is full of dogs, it doesn't mean the cat doesn't exist- the cat just isn't a dog in spite of all the dogs, and it has to be careful. Both can exist side-by-side even if they are mutually exclusive.

Almost any system will work in a perfect world where everybody obeys the written and unwritten rules of that system. The question is, what works best in the real world? It certainly isn't socialism. In my opinion it would be capitalism but not the corporatist variety we have today. Something with freer markets and less government collusion with industry. But even the capitalism we have today has proven itself to provide more prosperity to more people than communism or hard core socialism. My fear is that the corporatism aspect is only going to grow stronger, perhaps reversing that trend.