Please Help, Blackfeet Reservation buried in 20 foot snow drifts!

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An area of Montana has seen record breaking snow and people cannot leave their homes. Some people are using snow mobiles to get food and medical supplies in and out of the area. This has been going on for months now and it just occurred to me I could invite Steemians to help.

There are TWENTY FOOT snow drifts in places. This is being caused by constant wind , pushing the snow into roadways and making it impossible to keep up with and plow through. Families are trapped, and some are living in hotels many miles away. Many of these people cant afford to be displaced in hotels. They need help.

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One family was snowed in for three days because they were unable to open their doors. Others crawled out of their windows to get out of the house, he said. Ranchers have lost newborn calves.

I know people who are Blackfeet. This below is one of my friends post from Facebook:

"The Blackfeet rez has been in a state of emergency for almost two months, with some tribal members stuck in or outside of their homes, without running water, and without food. We haven't been able to check on or see or bring supplies to my gramma (luckily she's good at collecting cans & her phone line works) because the roads to Browning are too dangerous . FAST Blackfeet is raising funds to feed and provide services for those starving &in need through their fiscal sponsor Nourish the Flathead, all donations will go to the Blackfeet, please donate if able! Btw it's tax deductible"

Click here to go to the donate link

Here is another News Article from One Day Ago

I will donate whatever earnings from this post to this cause as well.

So either go to the link and donate USD, or spread word and upvote to help this cause. Resteem, and if you have better tag ideas for me that would be great too. Thank you!


Click here to go to the donate link


If you would like to upvote this more than once, I am adding a comment here that you can upvote. All proceeds will go to this cause, and I will provide documentation when I do this. However I hope the SBD can get to at least $15SBD to make the donation seem worthwhile! So if you feel compelled, please also upvote this comment and it will help.

so you will send at the 7-day payout? i did check to make sure the information is accurate, I tend to overdo the research, especially when NA are involved. I am NA and many scams come into play. So far I have found a few connections on the Rez and I will confirm all info as well. Sometimes the donations never reach the people in need. There is typically one person in charge only on a Rez. So fingers crossed this is the link going straight to that person. Looking further ...

Yes this is accurate. Thank you so much for checking , I certainly understand. There is a ton of messed up fake stuff all over the internet. I am friends with people who have family who live on this reservation. I quoted my friend here directly after I asked her permission to also fundraise with her post on my Facebook page. I will be giving every bit that is earned to this cause. I have no interest in gaining from this.

The non profit linked here I think is her sister's nonprofit or I just assumed that. They do food justice initiatives.I am not in the slightest bit offended at your concern , there is so much crap like that everywhere. I should have done a better job demonstrating here how and why this isnt a scam. I am going to DM you to consult with you but I can post other things in these comments to help verify I just don't want to put my friends names here but I am sure there are other ways to publicly verify this, I will work on that now.

I found out all the info and checked with people on the Rez. The place you have listed is a community collecting and taking it to the Rez. I'm not sure if you read my post in Discord, but the Red Cross showed up to the Blackfeet Rez today and also a church. I am not sure where you live but there are quite a few drop off locations.

I was not suggesting an interest that you may or may not have in the initiative. I am NA and will protect my people. That is all. As I mentioned there are way too many scams going on at all times regarding NAs.

Well, I checked it all out and it is fine. The people on the Rez confirmed that these people are an acceptable form of delivery to the Rez. The names are already listed on the non profit site and on FB.

They are easy to find, at least the owners are, so it was all checked and verified. As long as you show your post payout delivery to the organization then that should be good! I feel all people who do this type of work, should do that anyway. We never know who is really delivering. Ya know?

Thank you for your understanding. xx Eagle.

Yes I plan to screen shot whatever I do and either comment here or post. Thank you so much for checking. I did not know Red Cross has arrived. I heard more stories of difficulty yesterday so that is what made me realize I could try to help by posting.

Thank you for being so nice about it all. Many people tend to get upset and you are very kind.

I am glad you were able to verify , and I deeply appreciate your desire to help and to protect. I am a fuck up like anyone else half the time, so I always need to learn new things, but this stuff is important to me, and I strive to listen and not be a performative jackass about it either if i can help it. Which is hard because expressing one's morals always sounds lofty and fake especially on the internet. So. I just try and I am relieved that you felt it was easy enough to communicate with me about these concerns.

Well i did learn they are not a true organization by their own message to me but the NA are accepting their kindness. That’s good enough for me.

Whoa whoa Nelly, calm down about “f up”, we honor all women including ourselves. Please do not speak that way about yourself, okay?

Yeah there are some serious lofty and fake aholes on the Internet!

Yes sometimes I feel I have too for my peeps, it’s not something I like doing but more of an assigned Duty. It’s a hold the space kind of thing.

The peeps have and are going through enough as you have see with your own eyes.

Blessings. xx Eagle

This is very nice of you!! <3

Sounds crazy! Maybe I will donate!

I like the tag but hate that this is happening!! :((((- lima aka capn gp

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