Why the Internet is totally “messed up”? And what is the concept of ZONTO?

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While living in the modern world it is very easy to “fall for” unnecessary consumption. Whereas, this first of all is consumption of unnecessary low-grade information. When Internet was still young every article, every website were perceived as blessing, however, over time that has ended.

Already in the early 2000s websites started to appear at about hundreds of thousands and afterwards nearly millions. Tons of unnecessary information was an eyesore to people and as the result it became difficult to find something worthwhile. And so social networks and messengers have then appeared. They have tried to solve this problem but in few years they have got so much “rubbish” content, cheating, “bots” that it has become really painful to use them.

After launching Instagram I know that there would be about 20-30 friends requests from automatically generated accounts which would try to sell me something like hairspray or other junk. Moreover usually that products are overpriced and low quality. I beg you feel the same way I do.

Such abundance of rubbish and bots in today’s Internet violates all those principles on which it was created. The content you are interested in and which you can easily find in the social networks or with the help of search engine would, very probably , have no value. And moreover in most cases it’s going to be advertising content which is disguised to be a background article, the author of which has received his payment, and already is in process of writing new advertising masterpiece.

The particular “islands” of the real vital content are few community sites as https://www.reddit.com/ or Russian one https://pikabu.ru/, but these are just a drop flowing in the ocean of worthless content.
Our team has often discussed this situation and have decided that we can create our own community, where the user by default would see only high quality content and would get only best service.

We became very excited about the idea of creating an application where the user would be able to carry out all necessary actions while being in a single ecosystem. To find a nearby cafe, to read real feedbacks about it, to book a table - everything through the inner chat. After this to be able to get in contact with own friend and to share the geolocation with an invitation of the place found.

All of this will be possible through the one application without seeing dozens of the rubbishy advertisements. Moreover, later you can pay waiter through the inner wallet and to get a cashback while leaving the establishment. Earlier you would need at least 5 apps for this and about an hour of free time. But what if do this “seamlessly” through a single service?
That is how we created a ZONTO application concept and the development began.

So how ZONTO looks now?

For now, ZONTO is already available in beta version as a social network. Any interested person can register and help us in development and testing at https://zonto.world/ .


The distinctive feature of the ZONTO social network is the particular value which is assigned to every user’s action. For the registration in the network, for everyday usage the user will be awarded with “ZONTO coins” which are used for publishing posts, groups’ subscription and friends’ adding.

At the same time posts which receive a “like” generate ZONTO coins to its’ owner from other users. This way only good quality content is in the top and bots, even if they succeeded in registering in the network do not have time to cause anything bad, they obviously just do not have enough coins and after several attempts they are banned by system.

In a short time will have an integration of e-wallets. Also the service of interactive maps with the list of establishments, which might be interesting to users will be connected. We have already added the most interesting places of Ukraine, Russia and Czech Republic.

What will happen to ZONTO in future?

So far there is a stage of ZONTO ecosystem active development. After “interactive map” and payment tools modules we will add 10 more modules which are going to be integrated inside the ecosystem. ZONTO will be available both as a web version and as mobile application on IOS and Android platforms.


More information about the development of our project you can find in our presentation available at https://goo.gl/ye3Xnd .
You can also connect with us through the Telegram. We will be glad to answer any your question! The link to Telegram chat: https://t.me/joinchat/Ftg2NEPcRSvLFgysfoCdDw

We will continue to publish new notes and articles here.
We wish you success in your affairs!



I would like to thank you for sharing such a good stuff , i will try to used and share my experience here .

Your welcome! We are glad you liked it! Stay with us for more posts :3

I am Groot! :D

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