Peepeth (Dapp Review): Earn through Microblogging

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Microblogging have been in existence for a while now, it is an act of writing or voicing out our intention using short articles in form of tweet. There are different people making use of Twitter which serve as one of the most popular social media with millions of users making use of it every day, but since I register on Twitter for years now, there isn’t any incentive or mean of earning while tweeting. Instead, we make use of our resources without getting any reward as income. Not only that, most micro blogging platform are centralized where users doesn’t have full control access to their accounts, and they can’t tweet about anything they wish to tweet about to avoid been ban.

Most time I have to unblock my Twitter account without any reason. What if there exist a micro blogging platform where you have full access to your account (I mean decentralized) and to top it all, you get paid using the platform. peepeth is here to take microblogging into a new dimension.


What is Peepeth all about?

Baven Barton came up with an idea to create a platform (in form of Twitter) but developed on the ethereum blockchain which can serve as an incentive platform for users while creating peeps. Instead of tweeting on Twitter, you can now create different peeps on different niche and get rewarded. Peepeth was built on the blockchain to eradicate centralization where users will be afraid not to get ban for peeping about their intentions. To vote (like) peeps on peepeth is totally different from other micro blogging platform, instead of just liking post, you can adjust or reduce the percentage of your likes or vote on peepeth which serve as a way of rewarding content base on your preferred percentage.

Peepeth's mission is to encourage mindful engagement and positive contribution, both online and in the world.

Why the blockchain?

Peepeth was built on the blockchain technology to eradicate some problems users face while using micro bloggingplatform which include:

  • Having fulled control: all peeps made on the platform is immutably stored on the blockchain which give full access anywhere and anytime without requiring any third party's permission.
  • Transparency: every activity carried out on the platform is openly stored on the ethereum blockchainwhich give every members access to easily monitor what is going on the platform.
  • Resistant to spam: spammers are likely to lose their free peeping opportunityif they continue to spam the platform.
  • Verifications: when making use of the platform, you have to undergo some verification, this prevents robot or multiple account of the platform. You can verify your account using Facebook, Twitter and GitHub.

These are some reasons peepeth have a stand among other StateOfTheDapps ranking app.


How To Start?

To start making use of the platform, you need to register on the sign up portal by filling all the required details. You can make use of your mobile phone or make use ofPC, to make it easier make sure you have your metamask wallet installed and connect mainly because of the transaction that you will be performing on the platform after all is done, you can start peeping and doing other activities.

According to my research, peepeth is yet to create an internal token but with time, they will come up with a way to tokenize the platform. Below is a video which give details about the peepeth platform.


Kudos to the team behind this platform, for bringing a way members can get rewarded for engaging in micro blogging and for also building it on the ethereum blockchain to create more transparency. I will rate them 4/5 stars

Disclaimer: This does not serve as a financial advice. Make sure you make a proper and adequate research first before engaging in investing in any cryptocurrencies or any digital asset. This blog post was done to give entertainment and educative purposes only.

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