Dopameme (Dapp Review) : Earn Rewards For Creating Meme

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Most time when it comes to blogging or content writing, everyone can not make their intentions known by writing long articles, some believe images or designs spoke a lot. I still remember before I engage in writing long articles, I have passions for artistic works, designing and creating meme, not just to voice out my intentions but also for the fun of it. But I do wonder about somethings when I see a meme especially those that are really funny, I always wondered who is the creator of those memes, is there any reward for creating one. If you log in to Twitter, you will find lot of memes in different categories but what if a system was created where you can be rewarded while creating memes and also, you can gain ownership of the memes you created. This brought up a great innovative platform called Dopameme.


What is Dopameme?

Dopameme is a decentralized social media platform which was developed on the ethereum blockchain (erc20) by the trio which are Humber Sanchez, Sergio Valencia, and Odiseo Ibanez. A social media platform which reward you for been a meme creator. Most will be wondering why developed on a blockchain? The blockchain creates transparency and it allows ownership of a content to be known, how? When you create a content (meme for instance), there are lot of content lifters out there that steal contents and claim ownership of it but making use of the blockchain will encrypt a digital signature on the content once it is being created and if there are any accusations in the future, it can be easily traced back. Dopamemepresently is ranked 1503 positions among other dapps on stateofthedapps website

Dopameme has some similar features with a steem meme sharing site named Dmania but some things differentiate them. Even though voting exist on both platforms, a way whereby content curators have access to curate any post of their choice, Dopameme possess two main tokens which are use for transactions on the platform.

  • Meme Tip Token ( which is MTT)

Meme Tip Token is the token which you acquired for your meme posts that was curated. This mean, when you make some meme images and post it on the platform, there are curators (voters) that will vote your curated post based on their interest and the more vote you receive the more your MTT will increase.

  • Dopameme Token (which is DMT)

DMT on the other hand can only be purchase and not earn through votes, this is the token you can stake on the platform as a stakeholder or investor.


How To Use the Platform

To start using the platform, you will need to register first by visiting the Dopameme website using mobile or pc because it works for both. You fill in the required details and also input your erc20 wallet address or make use of metamask plugins on your browser to easily access your erc20 wallet. Once you have registered successfully, you can start creating your meme and publish them on the platform. You will receive some free DMT as sign up bonus.


Joining Dopameme will be a great privilege to many memes contents creators out there, because they can now be rewarded for their meme work and not only that it will prevent meme lifters from stealing your meme, pirating it and also claiming ownership of your meme.


None yet but I noticed that some part of the website is not developed yet because I keep receiving 404 error when I click them, the token page and also the media page. Members will love to know more information about the platform and also their tokens.


The platform is straightforward to use and as a meme rewarding platform, many meme creators will want to make used of the platform but developers need to work more on the platform and solve the issues showed on the platform. I will rate the platform 3 stars.

Disclaimer: This does not serve as a financial advice. Make sure you make a proper and adequate research first before engaging in investing in any cryptocurrencies or any digital asset. This blog post was done to give entertainment and educative purposes only.

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