Is Steemit like Facebook, Twitter, or a new hybrid type of social media?

in social •  last year

I'm new to Steemit, and I was trying to explain to my wife what Steemit is exactly. The most fundamental way I chose to describe Steemit is as a Facebook-like social media platform built on a decentralized blockchain powered by cyrpto-economic incentives.

What do you all think? How would you describe the type of social media platform Steemit is? Can a user be successful using Steemit as a Twitter-like platform, or is it more conducive to Facebook-like activity?

To me it seems like a hybrid of these, but also maybe of other online platforms, like Youtube, Wordpress, and news.

What do you think?

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Its like the wild wild west of social media. I'm a live and let live kind of guy, so naturally it's my cup of kratom tea.

Just don't plagerize or spam the new feed. Everything else goes.


Haha, it's like the Westworld of social media...?