Homeless: can we change it?

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Homelessness is not a new problem in America. Even most settlers who first came here were homeless. The only problem is that it’s not something that has changed. At any given time there are thousands of people in America with no home. There are many different reasons that a person is homeless and just as many for how difficult it is to turn around their situation.

The number one reason people are homeless is financial. Many people in history have come on hard times and had to survive one way or another. Some of these people have not been able to make their ends meet and have found themselves living on the streets. Another huge reason for the homeless epidemic in the US is the number of people addicted to drugs. Most users would rather spend their money to get their next fix than to pay the rent. With the economy plummeting in some areas of the nation the homeless rate is skyrocketing to scary amounts and there seems to be no end in sight.

Being homeless in its simplest form means not having a home. While many homeless people do not have the traditional four-walled homes that they live in, they may settle down in abandoned buildings or shantytowns. Homelessness is most prevalent in major urban cities, but there are homeless people in big and small cities in every state.


Some homeless people have adapted well to their conditions. Some are struggling to make a better life for themselves and find themselves trapped in a major catch 22. if they have no home and no phone, it makes it very hard for employers to even contact them for an interview if they have filled out an application. Even homeless people who qualify for unemployment benefits or welfare cannot receive their check because they have no mailing address for the state to send it to.

So how do you help? First, educate yourself on the state of homelessness in your area, you may be shocked to see that there is a percentage of homeless people in almost every city in the US. Then find out where you can volunteer. Most cities have a homeless shelter or a church that has shelter programs. If you cannot find either in your community and there is a problem with homelessness, and you really want to help, start your own movement. Even delivering sandwiches to the homeless or finding companies willing to help a homeless person off of their feet with employment can make all the difference. Grassroots efforts are great for making a difference in homelessness from the ground up.


Well if they moved off a fiat system it would help because they couldn’t over inflate asset prices like real estate pushing people out of the market and monopolizing land!

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