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No ..u can read newspaper in 1 hour but u can use social media all 24 hour !People need information.... Earlier it was newspaper nw it's smartphone....You read newspaper in the morning and put it aside unlike the phone which u keep looking at the whole day.. Stupid not out of context comparison.technolohy.jpg


I`m Nuruzzaman shishir, new team member of here

Ha ha😁😁

Good opinion and i think that is reality in our life..

Positive aspect of technology

All are communicating instruments

hahaha That's awesome!

I just give suggestions try to replace his tag with life technologi photograpy human write...
good luck

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nice photos greetings and invite you to my profile :) @synekto

2020....???!... vote for vote

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Aha. Smart thinking. News papper can't give us fresh news and information. It will give us last day's information. And also limited information. Technology help us toonnect with world every time

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