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"Laughter"; they say; is the best medicine. One of the easiest ways to create laughter is through funny memes, and as the day passes, tons of these memes are created without crediting the authors nor properly attributing the source. As simple as memes might appear to be, they are still considered as "contents" which are backed by property laws, and contravening these laws can be seen as acts of plagiarism. But as it were, some of these memes circulate without people even knowing who created them, which can make anyone lay claims of being the original content creator. What if I tell you that you can place a digital ownership on every meme you create, will you believe me? Here; I present to you Dopameme.


I'm sure some of us have used or have heard of Dmania on the steem blockchain; which is a DApp for sharing memes within the steem ecosystem and earning incentives through upvotes. Dopameme has similar features with some differences that you will find out soon. Dopameme is a DAPP designed by the trio of Sergio Valencia, Humber Sanchez, and Odiseo Ibanez, which is built on the erc20 blockchain that enables users to share their memes and receive incentives for the memes they share. One common fear with meme creators is the fear of someone stealing their contents, but Dopameme has taken care of it. Once a content creator uploads a meme in Dopameme, a digital trace of the author's details will be encrypted on the meme which will be saved immutably on the blockchain, so when the meme is accessed, the author can be traced through this digital signature. One feature of the blockchain is immutability, and Dopameme has leveraged on this feature to save author's details (with a digital encryption) on a decentralized client server for “eternity”; I believe this is the reason this DApp has earned a place in the prestigious StateOfTheDApps ranking.

Just like the Dmaina I sighted earlier, Dopameme requires curators to rate the memes published on the platform, and these ratings are in form of "cool votes" (which steem users refer to as "upvotes"). The good thing about this DApp is; it is built on a decentralized framework, where content creators will have absolute rights over their contents, and can choose their own terms of license - which can be the CCO (Creative commons version zero: which is free to use) or any other type of license.

But unlike the Dmania that is powered by steem token, Dopameme has two internal tokens for transaction within the ecosystem:

  • MTT (Meme Tip Token)
  • DMT (Dopameme Token)

The MTT is the token earned through cool votes, which is a way contents (memes) can be monetized. When you publish a meme and curators vote on it, it would increase your MTT, which can be converted to Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

The DMT; on the other hand; is not earned through votes, but it represents your access as a stakeholder within the Dopameme's ecosystem; and as such, you have to purchase it. For stakeholders; after cashing out of posts, a certain percentage will be distributed to them, which can be staked back or converted to other cryptocurrencies.


Dopameme works both on desktop and mobile platforms, but first of all, you need to create an account in the Dopameme's portal and fill up the necessary details. After you have done this, you will be required to input your erc wallet address. But for ease of access, I will recommend you get a metamask plugin in your browser to be able to sync your Dopameme account with your eth wallet. Once you have completed these steps, you can begin to create and publish your memes (just like you would do on your Dmania Steem DApp). With Dopameme, you would not have to make memes for free again when you can monetize them.

As sign up bonus, you will be given free DMT to become part of the stakeholders.


Dopameme is an easy-to-use meme publishing DApp which enables authors to get rewards for sharing memes. I noticed some downturns in this DApp though: It has a longer lag time when accessing through mobile platforms. It would be nice if the developers can make it more mobile friendly, as people might not want to carry their desktop/laptop computers around just to create and view memes. Also, some tabs I tried accessing, like the "buy token tab" popped out "Error 404". Is this part of the meme too? I think the developers should look into that too. On the overall, I will give Dopameme a rating of three (3) stars.

You can take a brief look at this video for more info about Dopameme

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not meant to serve as financial advice, please do your own research.
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