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Hello all steemians.. Hope you all have a good day.

Recently @Oracle-d calling for a new task for Social Media Enthusiasts in association with State of the Dapps. Here

My choice is Busy.


What is Busy


Busy is an Open-Source social network and communication platform, base on Steem blockchain. You can earn digital currency by using . You can connect your steem account with busy and earn crypro by bloging .Busy is one of best Dapps for for

How to Get Start

Simply you need a steem account or you can sing up for e stem account with If You have a account you have to join Busy by steem connect. Steem connect is totally safe to join any Dapps.

Main Components and Good things About Busy

Busy is simple to Write a blog and upload an image

All the blog you wright auto save so you an wright and post it later

When you go to wallet you can saw the current steem and sbd price in USD and Btc

You can see how much power people upvote in your post and comment. You can not find this option in other apps easily


You can see easily see how much power in a profile and about details of his profile

You can also manage Vetoing power in setting

There is a special thing about Busy that when you use a and post a blog if you add tag #busy , busy bot give you a upvote .. that's must be special reason for me for use


1. Differentiation between Busy and other apps you can not see how much power any person up vote you.
2. When You up vote any post you can manage your power easily
3. Very simple and easy to use
4. Get reward by using #busy tag


I like to say #Busy is simple way to access steemit. It is one of the most used social Dapps Stateofthedapps I'd totally recommend it for everyone. I I'd give it a solid 4/5 rating.



Next generation social and communication platform

Thanks For Your Time



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I think and suggest you re-check again the guidelines clearly. You shouldn't mention oracle-d in this content. This is for people outside Steem blockchain ..

oh thanks. its my mistake .. can i edite and remove oracale d from my blog.?