Few steps to save your marriage

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Did I hear you say… “I’m looking to save my marriage“? If so, there is hope even if you’re the only one willing to say, Save My Marriage. When a relationship becomes distressed, the negativity mounts creating an environment of hopelessness… One small step in the right direction sets the wheels in motion… Each small step builds on the other & soon… Your marriage is growing stronger and more loving everyday…  

Has your marriage turned into a daily ritual of heated arguments?

Or perhaps you no longer even speak to each other? These destructive marriage communication problems can take a very heavy toll on what happens inside of relationships. Marriages like these are on a one-track road to burnout, which unfortunately can lead to total misery and if not taken care of in a timely manner possibly even divorce. Not to mention the fact that simmering bitterness can also significantly erode intimacy. So, it’s time for you to really think about your desire to save my marriage and begin right now to take action as you put the following suggestion to work for you. But don’t make the mistake of reading this and just moving on. If things are going to change for the better you will need to begin by making some important changes in the way you may be contributing to the problem with your own destructive communication skills. That’s right, don’t point the finger at your spouse. Instead put the focus on yourself and get busy right now so you can stop saying, “save my marriage” and start feeling happiness, love and closeness all over again. Now, here is one step for you to take on your road to a healthy loving marriage.   

How To Save A Failing Marriage: Vital Things To Consider

Figuring out how to save a failing marriage isn’t a simple task but not impossible. It’s important to remember that marriage is never easy in the first place. However, with effort, sufficient time, determination and the right tools many people can keep and restore their relationships. And while there are various contributing factors that lead to a failing relationship, infidelity in marriage is one of the factors with a high percentage of the equation. As stated earlier, there are many things that cause problems in marriage. And commonly, there is a combination of several things creating the issues. So now, I’m sure you would like an answer as to how to save a failing marriage. A question of which there are many answers. However, throughout the remainder of this article a few effective steps to get you started on the right path toward saving your marriage will be offered. How to Save a Failing Marriage? …Assess Yourself Before anything else, the first and utmost thing to do is to assess yourself. You need to look into yourself. Contemplate about who you really are as you discover and acknowledge your own weaknesses and mistakes. Start by evaluating who you are or have been as a partner. And take a look at how you contribute to the relationship or to the problems of the marriage. Then, if you indeed are strong willed in saving your marriage, commit to improving yourself. Become the best you can be and take the focus off what you believe your partner needs to do to change. How to Save a Failing Marriage? …Lighten Up Your Communication If you’re really determined to figure out how to save your failing marriage, you need to learn to lighten up the channels of communication. As I’m sure you already know, communication is a two way street. We all must remember that. Now ask yourself if you attentively listen and respond to your spouse appropriately? Or do you just talk only when asked or worse, there is already coldness in your communication process? Or perhaps no communication at all except fighting and shouting. Now, focus on lightening up the conversation between the two of you. Don’t wait for your partner to start the process. You begin and hopefully your spouse will follow. How to Save a Failing Marriage? …Spend Quality Time Together As much as you need to maintain healthy communication with your spouse, you also need to allot quality time together. This can help you bond and develop your relationship on a more intimate level. Spending quality time together, promotes the opportunity for that healthy communication you so desperately need. Thus, you can talk about things in a less stressful environment and discuss certain decisions and issues together in a more relaxed way. How to Save a Failing Marriage? …Be Spontaneous Who on earth wants to live with a boring partner? Add sparks and spice to your relationship. If you want to learn how to save a failing marriage, you need to learn to be spontaneous, fun and enjoyable to be around. A little surprise can do, just spare the planning and you might just as well go with the flow. And leave the problems for another day. To have a harmonious relationship might be easier said than done. But with these basic and easy to apply steps for how to save a failing marriage, you can make things go more smoothly. And best of all, you can eventually restore your relationship. Related PostsHow To Fix A Broken MarriageA common problem for many married couples today is on how to fix a broken marriage.   

What Makes A Good Marriage: Four Basic Concepts

Do you wonder what makes a good marriage? When a couple faces marital issues that are seemingly hard to fix, is love really enough to make a marriage work? Would love really conquer all? Do you realize that relationship counseling can help repair broken relationships and teach more effective skills? Counseling helps answer the question of what makes a good marriage by: Helping couples recognize unhealthy behavioral patterns Teaching more effective communication skills Rationally discussing and facing conflicts Assessing what needs to be changed and setting the wheels in motion for building a better relationship The Four Basic Concepts of What Makes a Good Marriage Below are the basic yet often overlooked aspects that are generally integrated into what makes a good marriage. And with the assistance of couple’s counseling, you will realize the importance of the following concepts. The Key is Communication No relationship can last without effective communication skills. This one concept alone is considered the life blood of every relationship. And it really does constitute what makes a good marriage. Couples must have a healthy means of discussing and talking about everything from the day to day issues to the major conflicts that arise throughout the lifetime of a marriage. Even the ability to initiate small conversations really helps. When you are able to practice healthy communication, emotional and physical intimacy follows. Couples then, learn to trust each other, are able to laugh together and are able to even become more accepting of the flaws and limitation of each other. The Principle of Respect Respect can be given without love but you can never be loved and give love when you don’t have respect. It’s considered the next most important ingredient after communication and plays a huge role in what makes a good marriage. Sexual Intimacy As we all know, many infidelity cases give blame to their partners because of the lack of active sexual relations. Now this point is debatable. However, believe it or not, keeping your sex life exciting can provide a strong and concrete foundation for your relationship. Physical intimacy is an integral part in marriage and when this part of the marital union is strong partners are less likely to stray. No to Temptations We as humans are prone to temptations. Know yourself. Befriend your weaknesses if they exist as this will eventually help you say no to temptations. And mind you, you do have a choice. And you can choose not to cheat. Yes, these are very simple aspects but they are so simple that people tend to neglect them and often fail to see the real essence of what they have to contribute to every phase of our lives. However, what works for some couples may not work for another. But these are vital components that draw the full concept of what makes a good marriage. So pay attention to them and keep your marriage strong and vibrant for the long term.   

Marriage Compatibility Test: Why Take One?

Believe it or not, taking a marriage compatibility test is becoming a real deal nowadays. If you want to know whether or not you and your future or present spouse are really suitable for each other, these type of tests can be helpful. Or if difficulties have come up, they can offer an objective basis for finding out what the underlying issues are in couple’s therapy. And to take it a step further, a marriage compatibility test can help you determine what steps you need to take in order to resolve any problems you may be encountering. However, there are various types of these tests available. Some more reliable than others. So be careful relying on the information produced from a no cost one you find in a magazine or on a website. These can be fun but not necessarily reliable. What Is a Marriage Compatibility Test? Okay, so now you want to know what a marriage compatibility test actually is. It’s an instrument which can give couples an evaluation and a general idea as to their differences in personality and their relationship in general. On its simplest term, it is regarded as a relationship checker. Couples who want to know more about their partner and discover each others strengths and weakness often indulge in this practice. This includes commonalities and personality differences. You may have the chance to date your partner and yes, you do become aware of who they really are but this happens through a very gradual process over an extended period of time. Using a marriage compatibility test, you can complete this process much more quickly and more in depth. Benefits of Marriage Compatibility Test? In a marriage compatibility test, there are no right or wrong answers. All answers just offer insights into who you are as long as you provide your answers truthfully. Generally, questions cover issues about your personality type, relationship lifestyle and your day to day routines. Thus, it gives you a general idea about each other’s differences, strengths and weaknesses that can lead to a better understanding of your yourself and your partner. Any possible conflicts can be identified and dealt with through the therapeutic process. As a result, issues can be worked through before things get out of hand. Now I Hear You Ask… Is It Valid And Reliable? In any test, each should display a clear amount of validity and reliability. Validity in its simplest sense pertains to what the test intends to measure. Whereas reliability refers to how trustworthy it is. These two are very significant since these contribute to the tests ability to generate strong and concrete information. The marriage compatibility test you might find online or even in magazines is valid given the principle of face validity. This might not render an outcome sufficient enough to support valid explanations. However, you can still try these online marriage tests as long as you don’t rely on the outcome. Just keep in mind that it’s essential to take tests with supervision from experts. This is true because you might infer invalid assumptions and make poor decisions from this data. This article is not saying that a marriage compatibility test can resolve all marital issues and conflicts. Instead, it suggests that the only way to know whether or not this yields positive result is to try it yourself. But remember, professional supervision is advised.   

How to Fix a Marriage Instead Of Throwing In The Towel

Since you’re here reading this, you’re probably wondering how to fix a marriage. And correspondingly, you may be looking for marriage help such as tips or steps you can take to improve your relationship. Matrimonial unity can be very blissful but the trials and difficulties that come along with most relationships can be difficult for many couples to face. This article will help you discover straightforward tips to keep your marriage strong and viable. First, Asses Your Marriage According to Epictetus, a Greek philosopher, “Men are disturbed not by events, but by the views which they take of them.” This line was dated 2000 years ago yet still provides a genuine array of logic even for all of us today. And this type of thinking is the basis of much of our relationship counseling and our present day ideas for how to fix a marriage. Our negative feelings and views of even our marriages are thus a product of our thoughts and beliefs. So, a careful evaluation of your marriage by a third party, objective observer can help you see the situation from a different perspective. This is a very crucial tip on how to fix a marriage. Perception plays a huge role in the behavior of a person. To reduce the negative feelings and sufferings, understanding your current relationship status serves to be the first aid in your togetherness. How to Fix a Marriage – Don’t Turn to Divorce as Your Only Option Remember this, no one gets through life problem free. When things seem to be at their worst is when many people decide to throw in the towel. But this is actually the time to take a step back from the situation and reevaluate what is going wrong. Then reach out for help on how to fix a marriage from relationship counseling. Marriage Counseling If you really are determined to find a way to save your relationship, consider undertaking counseling sessions. A marriage counselor can help you deal with your marital issues by facing and discussing these issues freely. And therapy can help you see things more clearly. However, keep in mind that you will need to be willing to challenge your own view of things and work hard to resolve your marital issues. A counselor can guide you but can’t do the work for you. This is really the most effective how to fix a marriage tip. You should not be ashamed of the idea of counseling. Consider this: should you be embarrassed if you have a stomachache? It’s just like going to see a doctor to find out what has caused your upset stomach and receive medications to stop the uneasiness. Doubtless, there are numerous vague and idealistic ideas available as to how to put your marriage back together. And there are also various reasonable alternatives as well. So you need to be cautious enough to spot those that do not deserve your attention and concentrate on those realistic options that you can carry out. In all relationships, conflicts and problems are an expected path. But this doesn’t mean you should abandon your marriage unless there are abuse issues or addition problems that can’t be reasonably solved. As a responsible spouse, one should seek practical information on how to fix a marriage that could really put your marriage back on track.   


Great article, in my case its too little too late. I enjoyed reading it though

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