Hidden Social Problems Depicted in TIA

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Every one must have been seeing the recent fuss over a video released on sunday by Donald Glover a.k.a childish gambino , a black hip hop star. The video which has garnered 33million views over a 2 day period has broken the internet with its crazy concept I.e The dance moves and all. But have you settled down to think that there is actually a greater significance about this video depicting the social issues the black community faces, not only the black community in America but also all over the world?
You can check it out on youtube.


There are many events taking place simultaneously in this video which scare some viewers and ignite the curiosity of others but here are some vital points to note.

i ) From the beginning you can observe how scattered his hair is and he dressed in only pants to show how disorganized the averageindividual is , making dances that trend, following up social and fashion trends but not noticing he is being destroyed insidiously.He also dances with school children in uniforms to show many of these issues involve our youth.

ii )While watching you will observe that the guy with his head got killed while his face is covered to show he may not know what's going on, when you look closely you'll also observe that after each shooting someone carefully comes around to take the gun, and keeps it with care, meanwhile the drug ridden people are not cared about .That shows how bad the gun laws are , guns are treated more valuably than human life.

iii ) Donald Glover also made a reference to the Charleston church shooting in the usa that happened in 2015. He shows how mass shootings have become rampant, even without respect for places of worship.



iv ) Also note that while he raps, the background depicts how self-destructive the behavior of Blacks is cheered on as seen it rap videos about gun violence and drug use, but the consequences fall heavily after that.At a scene you can also see the figure in black on a white horse indicating death which sweeps true without caution.

v )When he stops the dancing and smilling while chaos is all-round him (he doesn't notice the destruction around), he stands on the car and encourages “black man, get your money and there is calm, he is then hunted and terrified. This speaks a great volume of the current culture of get your money regardless of how it is made which affects the youth negatively.


vi )Finally he steps away with a blunt and observes that he is hunted...after he is conscious he is then chased and he runs for his fear life.

This tells us that in our society today so many things happen before our eyes but we are too blind to notice because of the fun we are having, on this note always be aware....STAY WOKE.


This is food for thought. I hope the video is not censored for passing wrong information by the wicked governments

This is just the main but sad truth...
We fail to notice these things

Stay "woke" indeed! Nice breakdown of the video

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