Steemit needs to be the new FaceBook , only better

in social •  last year

Listen Up steemit board .

If the creators of steemit are listening , it’s time you really transformed your platform from a mediocre blog site to a major player in SM space . With due respect , steemit usership is low , and it’s touted as a blog post site .

With Facebook really losing credibity and caught compromising peoples private info , Steemit can transform itself into a better model , one that is better than FB , with all the features , and more . I don’t have all the answers , but Steemit seems like the only platform out there that can challenge the status Quo ,

People no longer should trust Facebook . Steemit has a golden opportunity .


What’s your thoughts ?

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It will take steemit at least a decade before they can catch up to Facebook. As far as social media sites are concerned steemit is still a baby. Most people where I live ( MN, USA) have never even heard of it.


I could not agree more .... it’s the truth .... frustrating to see that FB is kinda a monopoly .... thanks for your comments