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This time I'm going to talk about the platform DTube


DTube is one of the many applications that are part of a chain of blocks found in the list of the stateofthedapps.com a platform that brings together applications and block chains based on the cryptographic ecosystems of #Steem - #Ethereum - #EOS - #GoChain - #POA - #xDai

Meet DTube

Music, videos and audiovisual content in the STEEM block chain

Description of DTube

DTube is the first platform to share your experiences, your music, your recipes, trips, video games and moments among others, through videos within the chain of STEEM blocks. This application does not follow its users, does not collect data, does not censor as each trend has its space and does not have those annoying ads that cause discomfort to users. The main users are those who have an account in the chain of STEEM blocks and enter their platform through the personal keys that the system (Steemit) gives you when you create a user account.

In DTube you can simply see what you like, this platform supports all types of content as long as they follow the rules of coexistence.

Many users of Youtube have to make many maneuvers for their content to be taken into account and have one or another monetization by shared content, must have many followers and have a great media impact for their content to be valued. On DTube you don't have to have 100,000 followers and much less have to wait for your videos to have 1,000 views for that content to monetize some money, here on DTube just by sharing original audiovisual content, authentic and quality you have the chance to win the STEEM crypto currency through the votes that other users or communities make you. This makes DTube one of the most demanded applications within STEEM's cryptographic ecosystem.

DTube is a platform that allows you to make good money sharing the audiovisual content you want, you can publish your videoblogs with a brief review if you want, or you can share the video in future publications. What you publish in DTube appears in steemit, since both platforms are associated to the same chain of blocks, DTube has specific spaces to express itself, for culture, sport, music and many other things that are for healthy entertainment aimed at different types of audiences.

How does DTube work

DTube is a platform that supports all types of content, taking into account the originality and authenticity of the content you publish. You can manage in this platform as you want the important thing is that you know how to promote your videos in the different communities curators and know which #tags to use to have a greater reach. Uploading a video is very simple, simply follow the steps that the platform itself tells you, the first thing you must do is enter the Dtube platform using the private key (Posting key) and your username, when you enter you will realize you already have access to your personal profile and from there you can upload a video and then publish it. At the moment of publishing the video to that platform, as it is associated to the chain of STEEM blocks, the video is uploaded directly to Steemit as a publication.

Rewards System

DTube is an application that is within the chain of STEEM blocks therefore its reward system is the same as that of Steemit, when you publish you receive votes, those votes have a value in dollars and according to the value in dollars that has the price of the STEEM you will receive a certain amount of Steem, Steem Power and the token Steem Dollar. DTube has not yet developed any other rewards system.

My experience using DTube

I haven't had much luck when I tried to use DTube and publish my exercise videos, the truth is that I think I've been very unlucky, every time I've tried to upload some visual audio content something happens and my video isn't uploaded or published. This sometimes puts me in a bad mood since I spend hours waiting for the video to upload and when you finally upload it happens that the platform is down or that the platform has a problem with SteemConnect, in short my experience has been summarized in many failed attempts to upload my videos. I hope your developers can take into account this complaint and do the maintenance to the platform more often to avoid that we users lose so much time when uploading a video.

This platform is not perfect and is only just being created, because compared to Youtube is a very new platform. It has failures with the data, sometimes uploading videos is complicated because there are errors in the uploads, but those in charge of the system and maintenance are always attentive to warn, answer questions and solve problems that arise.

It's worth mentioning that I have friends who publish every day on DTube and this doesn't happen to them, that's why I say that I haven't had the best of luck with this application.

Some curious facts about the DTube:

  • It is the first video sharing platform in the STEEM block chain.

  • It has no censorship towards any type of content, nor cultural, political or religious tendencies.

  • The platform votes its users randomly.

  • Uploading videos is free and you earn money for it.

  • You can access their platform directly with your Steemit user account.


DTube is an extremely new application, which needs to improve many features and give the user more facilities when publishing. I think it has a lot of things to fix since when you try to watch a video you don't load the video and you only see a black image, this has happened to me several times, the developers have a big challenge ahead of them. I know that with effort they will be able to have a fully operational application for their users.

Personal Rating

Based on the experience I have had I can not give a rating no higher than 2 stars out of 5. I hope that over time my opinion can change.

#DTUBE Social Networks

Website: https://d.tube/

GitHub: https://github.com/DTUBE

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dtube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dtube_official

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