My Unbiased Review of Trybe-A cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge sharing network

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There are a lot of blockchain social media websites that have come up after the success of Steemit that runs on the Steem Blockchain.

There are really many at the moment and in this post, I will be reviewing Trybe that runs on the EOS Blockchain.

Trybe is a cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge sharing network.

Trybe is among the Dapps listed on the State of Dapps website that ranks the different dapps on all the ,major blockchains like Steem, EOS and many others.

I will quote below what is displayed on the Trybe website so that you can understand it better.

Welcome to Our Crypto Community

  • Share your knowledge and content with others and get rewarded with the TRYBE token.
  • Find news and information about the crypto and blockchain world from our experts and other community members.
  • Meet great people who share your passion!

As you can see above, Trybe is a cryptocurrency and blockchain sharing network where you earn Trybe tokens when your posts are rated by the members of the community.

Screenshot Taken From My Trybe Dashboard

How To Get Started on Trybe

The way to get started on Trybe is very easy as you will only need an email address and a phone number!

1.Go To the Trybe Website or click here and you will see this image below.

2.Click on Register.

You will be required to enter your email address and also set up a password and a username

3.Activate Your Account

You will sent an email that will enable you activate your account. You will receive 100 Trybe tokens for signing up.

Sign Up Bonus of 100 Trybe

4.Verify Your Phone Number.

It has to be noted that one of the ways of earning tokens is one time phone verification process which earns you 250 tokens.

You will have to navigate to Earn tokens tab or just click here

As you can see from the above photo, click on Verify Now and you will required to enter your country dialing code and mobile number.

I cannot show you this process since I already verified my phone number!

If you complete this process successfully you will be rewarded 250 tokens and also the person who referred you in this case me, will receive 1000 tokens.

I would therefore be happy if you use my referral code.

How To Post on Trybe

I have made a post on Trybe but it took some time learning how the whole post thing works!

You have to click on the button near your profile pic as shown below.

You will then be directed to where you have to agree to the Trybe terms.

You will then see an interface like below where you can type the title and content.

You will also be required to choose a category which can be chosen from a drop-down list and finally a feature image.

You can be able to add an image, video , bold and all the necessary formatting just like in ordinary word documents.

You can also save or preview your post after you have written it.

If you are satisfied with what you have written , you can then send your post for review( I don't know why) before it is published on Trybe.

The review process depends on the errors you have made in your post, may be you forgot to include a feature image or plagiarized work!!

Great Points About Trybe

There are some great points I like from Trybe!

I like the fact that I can be able to earn from my crypto posted content(Trybe tokens are not yet ready for trading though!).

I am working on a promise that if I make enough tokens now I can be able to convert them to any other crypto currency any time in the future as shown in the road-map plan.

I also like the content being posted as it helps me learn more about the crypto and blockchain space.

There is a main focus on crypto/blockchain related articles(which I love), so if you are a crypto enthusiast, this will be a great place for you.

There was also a recent update on the Trybe job board which will be used by people on Trybe who want to hire or be hired in the crypto space.

I love the referrals too and the great customer support who helped answer some of my questions.

Pain Points About Trybe

There are also some pain points I have encountered in the one week of me using it.

The biggest pain point is the speed of the website! The Trybe website is slow and the pages load in instalments.

It takes a person of patience to wait and do the necessary activities on the website. There are very many pages ans links which clutter the navigation of the website.

The other pain point is the registration process, as I was creating this post I encountered an error that many of my friends have also encountered!

An error is shown whenever a person tries to create an account. This is the error shown below.

I experienced this error the first time and yet I had never heard of time. This error gave me headache!!!

I later realized that this error is brought about by a slow internet connection!!!

I also do not understand the logic behind all posts being reviewed before they are posted!!!!

There is also a way some referral bonuses are not delivered to the referrer account! I have a friend who has signed up like 6 people but the bonuses just disappear!

I talked to support yesterday about this and they gave me some explanation which I am still digesting!

I am not in any way biased on Trybe, I am just writing about my experience.


In conclusion Trybe is somewhat like Steemit but still in its early stages. If I compare it to Steemit, Steemit has a slight advantage on the user interface(I said slight!).

You can easily navigate through the different posts unlike in Trybe which has a lot of webpages cluttered around. I would be very happy if Trybe optimizes their website or creates different sub-domains for the different webpages.

As a person who believes in the long term potential of crypto, I would advice anyone in the crypto space to get on Trybe obviously by using my link if you got to know about Trybe now to get on their and accumulate some tokens.

You never know how far Trybe can go and do not be among those people who will be saying statements like "I wish I knew, I wish I joined then....!!!"

My Rating

I give Trybe a rating of 4 out of 5! This rating has been drawn from what I have written above.
They need to simplify the website and also increase the speed load time.

You can get similar dapps via Stateofthedapps website

More Information about Trybe
Trybe Roadmap
Trybe Stateof Dapps Profile

“DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this post shall not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investing should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.”


Jarau Moses

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