Sapien: Web 3.0 social news platform that leverages blockchain to return power to the users

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Currently, almost everybody is on at least two or three social media platforms, because as human beings, we need to interact and are always curious to find out what is happening daily. I am currently on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter, the most common social media platforms in the world right now. As much as these platforms are informative, some trends are currently happening which are alarming.

It is not once that I have heard of people getting cyberbullied by malicious trolls, bots, and institutions on Twitter and Reddit; this is not acceptable. Instagram, on the other hand, is notorious for painting certain people to have perfect lives, which is making young people indulge themselves in harmful activities to appear bougie on the gram. Facebook has also become a behemoth for fake news, intense ad campaigns and exploitative illegal data harvesting.

The deceiving and exploitation of these elite social media platforms are making it hard to believe whether we are safe on the internet. Certain people and institutions are in control of our data, and there is no telling what they can do with this data. Today it might be a hack and release of your personal picture or videos to the entire world without your consent, and tomorrow, your picture could be used to market a certain product without your consent also.

To comprehend the seriousness of these issues, your data is being mined by platforms such as Facebook to sell your preferences to third parties and target you with advertisements. What should be happening here is eliminating these third parties and monopolized social media platforms, to give the power back to the rightful owners, the people. You deserve to earn money that is rightfully yours from creating content and sharing it on social media platforms instead of letting intermediaries take account of your content.

The Sapien solution.


Sapien is more than just a platform; it’s a revolution which is urging people to take back their rightful control over their social experience. To achieve this decentralization, Sapien is planning to incorporate blockchain technology and completely change how we interact, influence and transact within online communities.

Content creators are going to be fully catered for on Sapien by being rewarded accordingly for their time and original content they add to the platform. Users of the Sapien platform will also be able to tip each other for posts or comments and receive a payout in the form of SPN tokens from Sapien for posts which have added value to the platform and ecosystem at large. This initiative by Sapien I nothing short of an encouragement to people to support quality content. Creative people will also be relieved of the burden of depending on ad revenue.

The Sapien platform will also have a decentralized marketplace where the participants will be able to purchase exclusive premium content, physical merchandise, services, and virtual goods. Being a part of the Sapien platform is going to provide you with so many benefits apart from getting to interact with people from around the world.



The Sapien platform will indeed be a great platform where people can earn passive income and access quality content from talented content creators. It’s about time people were liberated from the heavily monopolized and exploitative social media platforms.



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