How Social Media Outreach is beneficial to Uptrennd's exposure

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How Social Media Outreach is beneficial to Uptrennd's exposure....

....and also your own exposure as a content creator.

So we have plenty posts on how to make OC (Original Content), but how do we get it noticed and get more views??

Please dont think just by sharing it on Uptrennd should be the end of the journey for you, as with a few simple steps once you have posted your article on Uptrennd you could increase your exposure to your posts alot more and also for Uptrennd as a whole, because lets face it the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Minds, Reddit, Linkedin etc are not going away anytime soon so why not use them to your advantage.

Once you have posted your article to Uptrennd try posting it to other social media sites with the hashtags #homeofcrypto #1up #uptrennd and see how you get on, also follow others who are doing the same and support other Uptrenndians by retweeting, reminding, sharing each others shared uptrennd posts and lets get Uptrennd noticed. I will add my …
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