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Welcome to Steemit, please have a good look around, you'll find that this is a dynamic environment with a niche for everyone from all works of life. Steemit is generally described as a tokenized social media platform, but the reality is that it is much more than just for "socials". On this platform you'll find a large array of information that's applicable in various works of life; all you need to do is look for it and you'll find it and what's constant is that you earn from it.

What is STEM Q?

StemQ - Q&A about Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

STEM Q is described as a "Q&A App about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics"

It's page on Stateofthedapps further states that "Q&As are written by experts from their respected fields with an emphasis on providing comprehensive answers, suitable not only for those who are unfamiliar with the topic but for students as well."

STEM Q is an affiliate Dapp that gives knowledge seekers a niche to share information and learn from each other. Professionals from various fields are given the opportunity to share information between each other by asking questions relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) that will be displayed on steemit and be answered by any member with relevant information.

How Does It Work?

STEM Q envinronment hasa simple UI where users can come and post questions concerning STEM topics, as well as learn from questions asked from other users. Here's how it works

  • First and foremost, to have access to participate in STEM Q, you will require a Steemit account, if you don't have one, you can create an account here.
  • After creating your steemit account, you're to simply log in to the platform using Steemconnect. This log in process gives you full access to the platform.
  • Full access of the site grants users the full rights to participate on the platform; you can answer questions, resteem them, as well as upvote questions and answers that catch your fancy. You can also bookmark posts that interest you and view them at a different time.
  • The latest questions are displayed in ascending order of when they're asked

What Can I DO There?

STEM Q is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Users of the platform will have access to a growing library of information concerning these topics, as a user, you can;

  • Learn from the questions posted by others through the contribution of others. This is particularly beneficial to students like myself.
  • Tokenized Learning: STEM Q is an affiliate to steemit community, the questions posted on the platform are displayed as individual blog posts on steemit, giving the poster an opportunity to get upvoted by the community.
  • Participation: You can participate by giving answers to questions that are in your field or by referring the user to a place where they can get relevant answer to the questions posted
  • News: You can receive the latest information about steemit that relate to STEM Q, as well as changes that are made on the platform itself

How To Post Question?

Posting questions on STEM Q is the equivalent of posting a blog that will be displayed as a typical post. If you would like to post a question, you simply click/tap on "new question at the top of the screen and you will be directed to a portal where you can simply post your question. To post a question successfully, here's a few rules that must be adhered to

  • The question should be brief and concise. It is important that one streamlines his question to focus on the point. The question will be taken as the title of your post
  • A question must end with a question mark.
  • You are also meant to elaborate your question in the open field for "body of post"
  • You are also meant to use a minumum of three tags
  • Users are also meant to select a beneficiary and stipulate the percentage the individual will get from the post. You can submit your question and wait for responses, as your question gets displayed to users of the platform.


STEm Q is an easy to use platform for the benefit of students and knoledge seekers that promotes the exchange of information in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMETICS, as well as promotes the steemit community in a positive light to academicians and other related individuals. It is really good for the community and I would reccomend it for any student. I would give it a 3/5 rating


  • Include photo uploading to the text editor
  • While it is important to protect your information, i feel like including some form of verification into the platform will give it a better standing in the academic community, as well as improve the veracity of the answers gotten there. Perhaps including ypur linkedin profile link.
  • Considering it's a steemit affiliate, I would also suggest it adds a few more steemy features like wallet activities and notifications.

Here's a link to the Discord Channel

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Hi, good to see this making progress, but one question: I don't see the Steemconnect login as an option, just G, Fb, Github. I guess Github would work, assuming one's account is already linked to Steem.

Okay, if that works. It'll eventually take you to a portal where you will be asked to type your steem username and private posting key. I logged in using google but its basically the same thing for any account.

Oh Ok, so the login doesn't have to be steem-connected?
might be worth a short explanatory legend on the login page for steem users... unless I'm the only one who stared at it in confusion ;-)

The login has to be steem connected but there's like two phases. The first phase is the github/Facebook/google then after that, you'd be asked to input your steemit details. The platform runs on steemit blockchain, so any question you post there will appear as a post in your blog and responses through there will basically be comments.

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