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Hello beautiful steemians, its a warm Monday morning around here, I'd say it's a good day to blog about something fun, like turtles, I like turtles. Some people say they're slow, I think they're graceful, some say they're dormant, I say they're calculative. Its all about perspective really. I feel like blogging about blogging or more specifically, blogging about a platform that supports blogging, gets you noticed and increases your audience.

I stumbled into Engrave during my daily patrols of the Stateofthedapps social ranking and what caught my eye was the simplicity, yet coolness of their logo

Engrave is one of the numerous Dapps running concurrently on Steemit blockchain and according to their page, "Engrave allows everyone to create a powerful blockchain powered blog and benefit from combining the blogging platform and social-media-like Steem network. You can choose your website's design from modern and nice-looking templates and even add your own domain for free. We help hobbyists to create their own blogs in a few seconds, build an audience and monetize almost every legal content easily. With our help, they can reach valuable readers and earn on their content without having skills other than writing. Encouraging readers was never easier because of great and dynamically growing Steem userbase".

Engrave is a web based dapp that facilitates blogging on steemit and outside of it.

So What's The difference?

Steemit is a social platform/community where you can blog and do a lot of other thing while Engrave is an affiliate to steemit that provides a domain for those interested in going to full time blogging but will still retain the benefits of being a part of steemit.

So what do they have to offer?

Well, simply put, they give members of the steemit community an easy avenue to create professional blogs, to use this platform, all you need to have is a steemit account. If you don't have one, you can easily sign up here. If you do have one, simply log in to your portal using steemconnect, here are some of the perks of using Engrave

  • You retain access to your steemit wallet
  • Users of steemit can create professional blogs that are powered by the steem blockchain. Unlike your typical steemit profile that's restrictive in terms of design, you can have your own personalised domain name(.com, net. .org etc) but still earn steem from your posts
  • Using Engrave also increases your Search Engine visibility, as well as your audience


  • As much as I appreciate the simplicity, I feel like the colour scheme could do with some tweaking,perhaps using darker colours in areas that need highlighting(example is the payment portal for creating domain)
  • There's a few grammatical errors on the site that could be checked like the one below

  • I know a thing or two about marketing but I feel like honest marketing is better. The platform claims to be completely free but there are charges for certain services and I think that should be stated clearly

  • Keeping with the previous issue, on one side, the platform states that it costs 10 SBD or Steem to get a ".com" domain name but on opening that link, you're met with something completely different. I feel like this sort of misinformation isn't good for the company's image.

  • Finally, I also noticed that the text editor was very glitchy while using it with my mobile phone. I kept on getting this response where it repeats the last word I try to erase or press space bar from Screenshot_20190304-083627.jpg


Engrave have the right idea. Steemit is a platform where there are a lot of people interested in blogging with great content and it is vital that people outside the community see them, as this will make steemit a lot more attractive. There are a few changes that require looking into in terms of making the company have a better image that will also make it an attractive avenue for members of the steemit community. With that said, I would give them 3.5/5 for having the right idea and trying to get the word out. We're taking steem to the moon together.

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