DTube - Benefits of Using This Dapp Over Others

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At this point in time, Vloggers are finding it very difficult to stand on the various platforms where they upload their contents for the purpose monetizing such contents. In my opinion, the number one problem is the inability of these guys to explore other options available to them and admitting the fact that it doesn’t have to be YouTube.

YouTube hasn’t been doing a great job in terms of helping new channels grow and helping new Vloggers find their footing on their platform. As a result of the adjustment in their monetizing policies where YouTubers with channels of less than a thousand subscribers and total watching duration of four thousand hours are restricted from enjoying the monetization of video contents through the display of advertisements. The smaller channels are victims of this unfair policy while the big guys keep getting stronger. That reflects to me the faulty social structure we have where class demarcation is highly tolerated.

The answer is finally here and one (a Vlogger) doesn’t have to go through the stress of working so hard just to qualify for a monetizing scheme that may never really reward the value you create in the magnitude of your expectations. Dtube is that answer!

Dtube is the better option I think is out there. It’s a good place to start a Vlogging career since it is decentralized and is built on one of the most viable blockchain platforms out there; The STEEM blockchain.


STEEM is the first blockchain initiative that succeded at taking the idea of monetizing social media contents mainstream and since then, many other similar projects have been leveraging on the power of this great initiative.

Built On STEEM

Dtube is easy to use and being on the STEEM blockchain, makes it also decentralized and transparent. The User Interface is quite similar to YouTube for a better user experience since that is what most people are used to. Dtube is powered by the native currency of the STEEM ecosystem and there are future plans of having their own unique native currency. However, this is awaiting the delivery of the promise of Smart Media Tokens made by the parent blockchain development company Steemit Inc. Once these SMT’s go live, Dtube will become more independent and autonomous in terms of how rewards are distributed.

Loging In

As result of being integrated with the STEEM blockchain, Dtube shares most of the features common to other Dapps on STEEM and the advantage is that Vloggers on Dtube can also get viewers from all those frontends. This means a Vlogger on Dtube posts from one interface and the post reflects on many other platforms integrated with the STEEM blockchain. In other words, a Dtuber will enjoy the benefits of having views from other STEEM frontends such as Busy.org, e-Steem, Partiko and others.

Based on the connection with the STEEM blockchain, Vloggers are required to have STEEM account before they can benefit from Dtube. Once an individual has a steemit account, he/she can use the STEEM account details to login using their Private Posting Key or better still, use SteemConnect which is also available on Dtube.

Some Notable Flaws

No doubt, this is the future that most Vloggers have been waiting for. However, the platform aside from having a better monetizing model, compared to their counterparts still has a long way to go in terms of speed and ensuring a seamless user experience. For example, I remember trying to upload to Dtube one time and the upload has to start all over every time I experience a slight delay in my network. This caused me to lose some bandwidth from my Internet Service Provider.

Putting all these aside, I think Dtube is the right direction that every new Vlogger should turn to if they don’t have to time and energy to go through the hardships associated with starting up a channel on YouTube and others. It is a decentralized platform without censorship that artificially adjusts the ranking of videos and Vlogger can start monetizing their very first article as long as they make them valuable for their respective communities.

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