Social Media A Blessing Or Curse??

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Social Media A Blessing Or Curse??


Since the inception of social media, we are reading its advantages and disadvantages simultaneously and everyone has different opinions all depending on the thinking of the writer or narrator. In fact, social media is a blessing and curse at the same time as we use it for positive purposes then it is a blessing of GOD and if we use it in the wrong way then it is a curse and it can destroy a man. At the same time, social media has connected us and disconnected us. As we can talk to anyone in the world by using it so it has connected us but we are now socially disconnected due to it as most of the people in our surroundings are busy on social media but disconnected to the people near to them especially their families. So it defines whether it is a blessing or a curse.

Here I will discuss two main purposes of social media and if someone is using social media for these purposes then it is a blessing for him otherwise curse.

(1). Connecting with other people

If you are using social media for connecting your friends and family then congratulations because social media is a blessing for you. This connection can be for long distances or short. We all know that this is the main purpose of social media and due to this the world has now changed into a Global village and we are now at a distance of one click from each other. Here we can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

(2). Getting Information and Knowledge

The second main purpose of social media is getting knowledge and information about their interest and it makes the social media blessing for users. On social media, you can get every type of knowledge from personal level to a professional level. For example, now the world is passing from a serious crisis i.e coronavirus then we can get all information and safety guidelines from social media and I prefer for this purpose as there is a separate community for Corona related posts.

If you love visual content then you can go to youtube and get all the information with one click. And if you want to learn a specific course then you can search on Google. If you want to stay updated about trending topics in the world or your country then go to Twitter. And if you want to stay updated about the crypto world then you must visit

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